QuickBooks Error Code 6010

QuickBooks Error Code 6010

The QuickBooks Software is among some of the most effective accounting programs available for small and medium businesses currently. However, despite its immense efficiency, some errors are bound to come up while using it, just like any other software of application. Among these errors, one error that you may face often is the QuickBooks error code 6010. But while it is a common error, the solution to resolve it is incredibly easy, and knowing the solutions can help you make sure you are not inconvenienced greatly when facing the error code. So, keep reading to know more about the error, the reasons behind the error code, and how to resolve it.

The error code 6010 is an error associated with network issues when using the application. When you face the error, the following error message is most likely to pop up:

“An error occurred. Your QuickBooks installation may have been modified. Reinstall QuickBooks and try again (-6010, -100)”

From the error message, it can be determined that the error code appears when modifications have been made to the installation program. While this is true, the error occurs if access to the network has been denied by the application. In this regard, there may be many reasons why this access has been denied, and the below sections talk about the few reasons and how you can resolve the issues to continue your tasks on QuickBooks.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error Code 6010

Many factors associated with your computer, the network settings, QuickBooks settings, and settings of the company file may be related to the error message popping up on your screen. Regarding this, some of the most common and often observed reasons can be identified as follows:

  • The firewall in place or the antivirus installed is interfering with the ability of QuickBooks to access the network.
  • Antivirus programs, such as ESET NOD32, are acting as shields to the computer accessing the network effectively and safely.
  • Unexpected modifications had been made to the installation files for the QuickBooks application.
  • There is an unexpected disconnect between the .ND files with the .QBW and .TLG files.
  • Urgent cleaning of the system framework is crucial.
  • You have unknowingly or knowingly downloaded a third-party app on your Windows system that is deleting crucial registry files and entries.
  • Registry-optimizing programs present on your system are removing the crucial QuickBooks-related registry files and entries.

As observed through the reasons, there can be multiple reasons for facing the error. However, introducing some changes to your QuickBooks settings can help resolve them easily, which has been explained in detail in the next section.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6010

In light of the very diverse reasons identified above, you may be thinking that the solutions are diverse as well and need you to implement complex solutions. However, to resolve the error, you need to introduce very simple solutions to your QuickBooks program itself. The four most effective methods to resolve the issue are mentioned below.

Method 1: Repair QuickBooks Company file

Very often, the root cause of the issue lies in the company file itself. So, it is recommended for you to look at your company file and repair it to prevent not only this error but other related errors too. Follow these steps to apply the solution:

  • Step 1: Go to your Windows Explorer (My Computer) and look for the folder that contains the company file for your QuickBooks program.
  • Step 2: In this folder, look for the file with the .QBW extension.
  • Step 3: Right-click on the file and choose the ‘Copy’ option.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Paste” option and then press down on the ‘Ctrl’ key to launch QuickBooks.
  • Step 5: In the open application, which should show “No Company Open,” click on ‘Open or restore an existing company.’
  • Step 6: Now select the company file and then check whether the error has been successfully resolved.

Method 2: Restart your QuickBooks database server manager

While repairing can be an effective solution, it may not work all the time. So, when you have tried the previous solution and it has not worked, or you simply want to use the database server manager to resolve the issue, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Start by launching your QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QDSM) and scanning the company file.
  • Step 2: Then go to Start and select ‘All Programs.’
  • Step 3: Choose the ‘QuickBooks’ option and then open QDSM from the list.
  • Step 4: Here, go to the ‘Scan folders’ tab, click on the relevant folder, and then click on ‘Scan.’ (if you cannot see any folders, then click on ‘Add folder’).
  • Step 5: Choose the folder and file where the .QBW company file is stored.
  • Step 6: Click on ‘OK’ and follow this up by clicking on ‘Start Scan.’
  • Step 7: After the scan is complete, try opening your company file again.

Method 3: Stop multi-user hosting access

Hosting multi-user access can be another way of resolving this issue. To stop multi-user hosting access for your QuickBooks, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Launch QuickBooks.
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘File’ menu and choose utilities from the drop-down menu list.
  • Step 3: In utilities, click on ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.’
  • Step 4: Then close and relaunch QuickBooks.
  • Step 5: Now go to the ‘Program settings’ option and choose to ‘Turn Off The Internet Monitor Feature.’
  • Step 6: If you have the ESET NOD32 antivirus program installed on your computer, then rename the file by adding the .OLD extension at the end.
  • Step 7: Then restart QuickBooks once again to have it run normally.

Method 4: Switch to Single-user mode

You can also try to use QuickBooks in a single-user mode to prevent any issues arising out of the multi-user mode. To resolve the error with this method, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure that the QuickBooks mode is set to multi-user mode.
  • Step 2: Now shut all the open programs.
  • Step 2: Right-click on the taskbar and open the ‘Task Manager.’
  • Step 3: Go to the ‘Users’ tab.
  • Step 4: Highlight each of the processes related to QuickBooks that you see on the list.
  • Step 5: After highlighting all such processes, click on ‘End task’.
  • Step 6: Now go to QuickBooks and check whether the error has been resolved.


In this way, there are many ways in which you can resolve the QuickBooks error code 6010. If one solution fails, you can move on to the next one to try and resolve it successfully. However, if you are still facing issues, then do not hesitate to contact official QuickBooks support to help you with the issue and get accurate resolutions.

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