Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026

Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026

Errors are a common part of working with QuickBooks. While QuickBooks itself is a highly efficient accounting system, there are many kinds of errors that you will come across when using the program. Although they can disrupt your task a bit, troubleshooting each error is possible, as long as you know the error and the way it is disrupting your experience. One such error code is the QuickBooks Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026. While it is a commonly recurring issue for many users, knowing the methods of resolving is crucial to regain maximum functionality and efficiency while using the program. Here, we tell you all about the error code, why it is occurring on your QuickBooks program, and mainly, how you can resolve this issue to effectively deal with it.

What is Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026?

One of the main beneficial features of the latest versions of QuickBooks Desktop is that it allows you to integrate applications to make your operations and account management tasks much easier. One such integrated application supported by QuickBooks is the Intuit Sync Manager. This external application allows you to sync your work across multiple platforms to keep all your work at the same level even when not using a single system.

The Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026 is a QuickBooks error associated with the Sync Manager application of the program. The error leads to you being unable to use QuickBooks and the Intuit Sync Manager to maximum efficiency. Syncing is a crucial part of using QuickBooks Desktop, especially if you are using the cloud server along with the local Desktop version and need to keep all your data synced across the cloud platform and the local device. In this regard, the lack of efficiency due to the lack of timely and automatic syncs can be a major issue you face while using both programs.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to resolve the issue. But even before knowing how to resolve it, you need to be aware of why the error code is popping up on your screen. Becoming aware of the root cause can help you ensure that you are prepared if the error code appears on your screen again.

What is the cause of Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026 ?

The error appears on your screen while using QuickBooks if the Intuit Sync Manager application is not selected as a preferred application in your QuickBooks settings. More specifically, when using integrated applications, you need to choose and assign preferred applications to enable QuickBooks to incorporate those values and functionalities when using the QuickBooks Program. So, when you fail to select the sync manager application as a preferred or integrated application, you are likely to see this error.

How To Resolve Sync Manager Error Code 17_7026?

While the error itself may be incredibly detrimental to managing and maintaining the progress of your tasks done on QuickBooks, the solution for resolving it is surprisingly simple. By following the steps as explained below, you can ensure that you can resolve the error and have your QuickBooks application work normally again. So, to resolve the error, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Update your QuickBooks program to the latest release to make sure that the error is not occurring due to an outdated version that does not support integrated applications. If it is not updated, then try updating it once and then try the syncing process again. If it still fails, then move on to the next step.
  • Step 2: Launch the QuickBooks program on your computer.
  • Step 3: In QuickBooks, launch the relevant company file that you wish to sync using the Sync Manager application.
  • Step 4: Go to the ‘Edit’ menu after opening the file.
  • Step 5: In the ‘Edit’ menu, go to the option of ‘Preferences.’
  • Step 6: In this ‘Preferences’ option, click on the option of ‘Integrated Applications.’
  • Step 7: On the resulting page that appears on your screen, click on the ‘Company Preferences’ tab and then browse through the list to check whether the Intuit Sync Manager’ application is chosen within this displayed list.
  • Step 8: In most cases of the error popping up on the screen, this option is not selected. So, if you too see that the option of ‘Intuit Sync Manager is unselected on your computer, then go ahead and select it and make sure it is now checked.
  • Step 9: After doing this, go to the ‘Intuit Sync Manager’ application and then click on the option of ‘Sync Now’ while the company file is still open in the main QuickBooks program.

Following this process should sufficiently enable you to make sure that the application is turned on to support automated sync processes when using QuickBooks alongside the Intuit Sync Manager application. However, if the error persists and you still cannot sync your files or the error message keeps popping up, then it is advised to contact the QuickBooks support team, who will then provide you with prompt assistance to help you resolve the issue.


Synchronization of all your QuickBooks systems and files is a crucial part of using the program for all tasks and purposes. And in this regard, the inability to sync your files can come as a major hindrance that interferes with your ability to use the program properly. If you too are facing the issue, then the solution explained above should be sufficient in helping you resolve it promptly. While it is required to check for any updates first, you can adopt the given solution if there are no updates available and you already have the latest program.

In such cases, the step-by-step solution can be immensely beneficial. However, as stated, if the error persists, then getting professional assistance would be the most beneficial. For this purpose, do not hesitate to contact the QuickBooks or Intuit customer service team to help you with resolving the issue properly. This will ensure that you get the sure-shot solution to the issue without the potential for any additional harm caused by experimenting on your own.

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