QuickBooks Error Code C=147

QuickBooks Error Code C=147

QuickBooks Desktop software has always been one of the top accounting software and has always been the number one choice for entrepreneurs who runs small and mid-sized business organisation. The software has been redefined and updated over the last three decades according to the change in time and federal rules and guidelines. This one accounting software makes managing the books and accounts very easy, it is a complete package that takes care of almost everything related to the accounting aspect of a company (QuickBooks Error Code C=147).

The software is so easy to use and very reliable, people who have a little understanding of accountancy and bookkeeping can easily run this software. The only problem that the software has is that gets easily attracted to errors and QuickBooks Error Code C=147 is one such error. This blog is created mainly to help you know more about the QuickBooks Error Code C=147, its root causes, manual methods and also some important aspects related to the same so please read the whole blog very carefully.

What is QuickBooks Error Code C=147

It is a given that almost every computer accounting software that is there in the market is prone to different errors and issues and QuickBooks Desktop software is also one of them, but all these errors can be taken care of, you just need to know that how can you fix them. Talking about fixing the errors, QuickBooks Error Code C=147 can also be fixed by using tools such as QuickBooks Tool Hub and QuickBooks File Doctor that are available for free at the official website of Intuit.

Almost every error that occurs in the QuickBooks Desktop software can be recovered by using the tools that have been mentioned above but QuickBooks Error C147 is one of the few unrecoverable errors that occur in this software. Don’t lose heart, in this blog we will try to give appropriate methods, that might fix this error but hiring a QuickBooks Expert is highly recommended that you can easily find on QuickBooks Error Support.

QuickBooks Error C147 mostly occurs because of the damaged company files like mentioned it is one of the few unrecoverable errors but you can try fixing it by using some of the manual methods that have been detailed in the latter part of this blog, so make to check that section.

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The Root Cause of QuickBooks Error Code C=147

Root causes can be described as the primary reasons behind any particular issue or error that you are facing, root causes help you understand the exact problem behind the issue and that can help you while fixing the error. The root cause of QuickBooks Error C147 are as follows:

  • Using outdated versions: It is one known fact that you get an update of every software and application in a while and you must update it to its latest version. QuickBooks Desktop software gets an update almost every month that automatically removes bugs and adds some security so that your important data is secure and you don’t face these kinds of errors, so not updating the QuickBooks Desktop software to its latest version can be one of the reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error C147.
  • Damaged company files: As it has been mentioned that the QuickBooks Error C147 mostly occurs because of the damaged company files, you must take care of the fact that none of your company files should damage. Keep checking in the regular intervals and if your company files are damaged please make sure that you are fixing them as soon as you are getting to know about them.

These are the two primary reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error C147 since this error is non-recoverable, you must consider hiring a specialist, but there are a few methods that you can look for in the upcoming section so do give it a read.

How To Solve QuickBooks Error Code C=147

The QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software and like any other accounting software it is also prone to errors and issues, but intuit has to acknowledge that and they launch a few free tools that can help you to resolve these kinds of issues. Never the less before going for those tools you can try some of these manual methods that are given below:

  • Method 1: Using verify and rebuilding data: Verifying and rebuilding data can help you to fix the QuickBooks Error Code C 147, to do that you must follow the steps that are as follows:
    • The first step is to choose Windows, then Close All.
    • Verify data later on. You must also choose File, then Utilities from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the option to check the data. The following three alternatives are available to you.
    • There are no issues with the data that QuickBooks has found, thus there is no need to take any more steps.
    • A particular error message may need a particular method.
    • The integrity of your data has been lost, indicating that the file has been damaged. To fix the issue, keep going through the procedures to reconstruct the data.

Rebuild Data:

  • To begin, go to the windows menu and then pick shut all.
  • Select the File option, then the Utility option, then the Rebuild data option.
  • There were no issues with the data that QuickBooks discovered.
  • After that, you’ll get a warning notice about backing up the company file, which you should dismiss by pressing the OK button.
  • The next step is to prevent the existing backup from being replaced. Otherwise, you should back up your data to an external device.
  • To prevent the current file from being overwritten, type the new name in the filename box.
  • After that, recreate the data procedure, which will begin after the backup process is finished.
  • After the program indicates that the rebuild is complete, click the OK button.
  • Continue by closing the rebuilt company and then reopening the file’s listings.
  • Select the File menu, as well as shut the business.
  • After that, choose File and then Open Company. You must now choose the company file that should be opened and then click the open option.
  • Then go at the check register, balance sheet, and profit and loss statements.
  • Examine the QBwin.log file for further information on the rebuild data utility.
  • Method 2: Creating backup: Creating the backup of the company files in QuickBooks Desktop software can help you to resolve this error since one of the primary reasons behind this error is the damaged company files you must save your company files by creating a backup and do that you must follow the steps that are given below:
    • Select Switch to Single-user Mode from the File menu in QuickBooks.
    • Return to the File menu and choose Back up Company. Then choose to Create Local Backup from the drop-down menu.
    • Select Local Backup and click Next in the window.
    • Select Browse in the Local Backup Only option and go to the location where you want to store your backup company file.
    • Decide how many backups you wish to retain. This is an optional step.

Please note that It’s not necessary to mark it in your calendar. Set backup reminders using the choices in the Online and Local Backup section.

  • Before you save, this conducts a test to ensure that your backup file is in excellent order.
  • Select OK when you’re finished.
  • Choose to Save it now and then Next.
  • Method 3: Using File Doctor Tool: As already mentioned you can use one of the free tools that are available on the official website of Intuit, QuickBooks File Doctor is one such tool. To use QuickBooks File Doctor you can use the steps that are given below:
    • To begin, open QuickBooks and confirm that the company file is not open.
    • Then go to the File menu and choose Utilities from the drop-down menu.
    • To launch the QuickBooks file doctor tool, also pick repair files.
    • The next step in the procedure is to choose the Browse option, then select the company file that needs to be repaired and select the Open option.
    • Next, tap on the next option after selecting the kind of repair you want from the Show advanced options box.
    • Enter the administrator ID and password, then choose next to proceed to the next stage.
    • Finally, after the diagnostic procedure is complete, try launching the corporate file again.
  • Method 4: Updating the QuickBooks: Updating the QuickBooks Desktop software can always help you to cure these kinds of errors and issues, updating the software is very important and that also help you to avoid these kinds of errors and issue:
    • Open QuickBooks and choose “Update QuickBooks” from the “Help menu.”
    • Select the “Update Now” tab from the drop-down menu.
    • Click “Get Updates” after selecting the updates you want to receive. More information regarding the upgrade may be found in the Updates column. When you click the “Maintenance Releases” link, a new page will appear with information on the update’s “changes/improvements.”
    • After you restart QuickBooks, a popup will appear asking whether you want to apply the update now or later. To install the update, locate the message and click Install Now (or Yes).
    • After the installation is finished, restart your computer.

This method will help you to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code C=147 and if in case this error still irritates you and you are not able to fix this particular one then you must try to talk to one of our QuickBooks Experts that are available on QuickBooks Desktop Error Support. Since this is an error that is not easily recoverable so you must fix this particular issue so that you don’t see QuickBooks Won’t Open issue cause then it will be much more difficult to resolve this particular issue.

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