QuickBooks error code C=38

QuickBooks error code C=38

Technology has become an important part of business nowadays. And with small businesses relying more and more on technology to increase their reach, almost all operations have become reliant on technology. One of the programs that have found great usage of the QuickBooks accounting program. But, despite its immense efficiency, what do you do when you face errors while using them? That is what we will discuss here! Keep reading to know what the QuickBooks error code C=38 is, why it occurs, and three ways how you can resolve it.

QuickBooks is one of the most-used accounting software programs in the US, UK and other parts of Europe. It acts as a single platform that enables you to link your bank account and conduct all banking and transaction-related activities easily. Through proper use of the app, you can ensure great efficiency in the way your business operates and all supplier and customer-related activities are managed. However, errors are frequent and certain errors, like QuickBooks error code C=38, can debilitate the program severely, reducing its efficiency and organizational productivity.

What is QuickBooks error code C=38

Although most errors emerging during the usage of QuickBooks have definite reasons and causes, the C series of errors in QuickBooks occur due to unknown causes. Specifically, the QuickBooks error code C=38 is related to “backup as V7.0D RI”. In simpler terms, this error code is related to some sort of damage to the data files in QuickBooks or data in the company files. Since damage to co0mpany files or QuickBooks data can be harmful to any operations going forth, it is crucial to address the situation promptly.

Why Does QuickBooks error code C=38 occur

Often, errors in the C series in QuickBooks do not have clear reasons. However, since the error is related to data damage, it is crucial to find the cause behind it promptly. Thus, while it is not assured that these are the actual reasons for the QuickBooks error code C=38, the potential causes can be:

  • Data files in QuickBooks have become damaged, or
  • Company files in QuickBooks have become damaged, or
  • Your QuickBooks is an older version in need of updating.

Any of these three causes can be the real reason. So, it is crucial to be vigilant and stay on the lookout for any elements or other programs that may cause damage to the data or company files. You must also keep your version of QuickBooks updated at all times to get all the benefits of the features in the latest versions.

How to resolve QuickBooks error code C=38

Associated with the potential causes identified above, there are some potential solutions as well that you can implement to resolve the QuickBooks error code C=38. These range from addressing the data files by verifying and rebuilding the data to addressing issues in the company files by backing up your company files. Additionally, you can also use external troubleshooting tools, like the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, to guide you through everything that needs to be rectified to resolve the issue. Here, we tell you the steps to execute each solution successfully.

  • By verifying and rebuilding the data
    • Step 1: Go to the ‘File’ menu in QuickBooks and hover over the ‘Utilities’ tab.
    • Step 2: Then go to the ‘Verify Data’ tab to verify all the components present in your data files.
    • Step 3: Allow the verification to complete and then exit the operation by clicking on ‘OK.’
    • Step 4: Go to the ‘File’ menu and hover over the ‘Utilities’ tab again, selecting the option of ‘Rebuild Data’ this time.
    • Step 5: Click on ‘OK’ when prompted.
    • Step 6: Click on ‘OK’ again when prompted to make a backup file before rebuilding the data.
    • Step 7: After the backup is successfully created, you can access it by clicking on the ‘Show in Folder’ option.
    • Step 8: Click on ‘OK’ after the data rebuilding process is over as well.
  • Creating backup of your company file
    • Step 1: Creating a backup needs you to adopt a single-user access mode. So, go to the ‘File’ menu and click on the option to ‘Switch to single-user mode.’
    • Step 2: Go to the ‘File’ menu one more time and click on ‘Backup company.’
    • Step 3: Following this, click on ‘Create local backup’ to create a local backup on your system.
    • Step 4: In the dialogue box that pops up, click on the option of ‘Local Backup’ and proceed by clicking on ‘Next.’
    • Step 5: Manually select the location you want the local backup to be kept in by clicking on ‘Browse.’
    • Step 6: After you have selected the destination, save the file and click ‘Next.’
  • Repairing using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool
    • Step 1: Access your QuickBooks Tool Hub and choose the option of ‘Company issues.’ If you have not downloaded the tool yet, then download and install it first before trying to proceed with this solution.
    • Step 2: From the resulting window, choose the option of the ‘QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.’
    • Step 3: Follow all on-screen instructions to run the tool on your system and allow to tool to find all possible issues with all your data files.
    • Step 4: After the issues have been identified, click on ‘Repair’ to fix the issues efficiently.


Since data is the most crucial part of using QuickBooks or any other technological program, it is crucial to ensure that your data stays safe at all times. So, even if you are faced with data-related errors, like QuickBooks error code C=38, you can implement the solutions provided hereby carefully following the steps. This will repair your program sufficiently so that you can ensure maximum usage and efficiency through QuickBooks. And although these solutions should do the trick, if you face any issues while dealing with the error code, you can contact QuickBooks or us to assist you in the matter. Regardless of the solution you adopt, it is crucial to be prompt and take the necessary steps in a timely manner to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent any further damage to your data.

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