QuickBooks Error Code C=43

QuickBooks error code C=43

Small businesses are relying on technology for operations and tasks increasingly more. And one of the programs that are getting immense attention and usage is QuickBooks. Acting as a single platform for all accounting and finance related activities, operating your business can become much easier. However, even efficient programs like QuickBooks are prone to errors that can interfere with the efficiency of how you use it. One such error that you may face that can be detrimental to the operations of the program is the QuickBooks error code C=43. While all errors can be detrimental and need to be resolved ASAP, the C series errors are specifically related to data damage and need to be resolved so as to prevent any further or permanent damage to the files.

But what is the error code C=43 among the many C series errors? What are the factors causing the error and how can you resolve it? If you are wondering the answer to these questions, then keep reading! We address the fundamentals of the error, along with the different error messages you may be getting due to the error code, its causes and four solutions to resolve the error.

What is QuickBooks error code C= 43?

The C series of errors in QuickBooks is a series of errors specifically related to damage to the data files. More specifically, the QuickBooks error code C=43 appears on your screen when you face issues when the program is unable to navigate reports or any data that resembles reports. This is a common issue, which does not necessarily indicate the presence of the error code C=43. If the reports work fine once you close and relaunch QuickBooks, then it is not error C=43. However, if the issue persists even after you restart the program, it may confirm the error, implying the need for you to implement relevant solutions.

Why am I getting “Unable to read transaction” in QuickBooks?

The “Unable to read transaction” error message is what appears when the QuickBooks program is unable to read the reports or data resembling reports, as explained above. The error is data damage related error, which can prevent the program from accessing any files or features related to data. This can be greatly disruptive to your business, implying that you need to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Inability to do so can cause permanent damage to the data, which can ultimately corrupt the company files as well.

Why does QuickBooks Error Code C=43 occur?

The causes for the error C=43 popping up on your system may be due to various reasons. The primary reason may be damage to your data files or company files. However, the following reasons may also be responsible:

  • Data damage when attempting to navigate reports: One of the reasons for the error code can be that your QuickBooks has undergone some data damage when attempting to access report-like data. When the data is damaged, it can lead to the program being unable to open or access any reports or any other data-related file. So, if you are unable to access the files even after closing and re-opening QuickBooks, it has surely led to the error C=43.
  • Printing of forms: As explained above, the error occurs when accessing or interacting with any data-related content within QuickBooks. So, much like when accessing reports, the data may also occur when W2 and 1099 forms are printed from the program.

So, if you are facing issues regarding any of these, it is an indication of the C=43 error.

How to resolve QuickBooks error C=43?

You can easily resolve the error with the following four solutions. The suggested solutions range from modifying QuickBooks controls to verifying the company file and even reinstalling the QuickBooks software. If none of the solutions works as expected, you can even use professional repairing tools to resolve the error and get your QuickBooks to operate like usual. So, let’s get down to the solutions and how you can resolve the error using these solutions.

  • Use the QuickBooks feature “Rebuild data”
  • Step 1: Click on the ‘File’ option in QuickBooks and then go to ‘Utilities.’
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Rebuild Data’ in Utilities and click on ‘OK’ to shut down all open windows.
  • Step 3: Before initiating the rebuilding process, QuickBooks will ask for confirmation regarding creating a backup of your company file. Click on ‘OK’ when the prompt comes.
  • Step 4: The rebuilding will initiate and complete on its own, after which you just have to click on ‘OK’ to confirm the completion of the process.
  • Verify your company file
  • Step 1: Go to ‘QuickBooks Tools Hub.’
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Company file issues’ to resolve the relevant issue.
  • Step 3: In the resulting screen, click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor.’
  • Step 4: In the resulting application, select the relevant Company file through browsing for it and choose the damaged QBW file to initiate the file repair manually.
  • Step 5: Select the option of ‘Check your file’ and then click on ‘Continue’ to initiate the verification process.
  • Step 6: Start the process by entering your admin password and then clicking on ‘Next.’

Alternatively, you can also choose the option of ‘Quick Fix my File’ after Step 2 for an automatic detection and repair process. If the automatic detection is not successful, then you can choose this process for manually initiating the verification.

  • Remove the Entire OCR-A fonts & reinstall QB software

Another method is to delete all OCR-A fonts that are operating in your QuickBooks program. You can try deleting all OCR-A fonts and then reinstall the entire application again as a form of resolving the issue. However, the only time this method will be successful is if when you are trying but are unable to print “1099 and W2 forms (V6.OD R1 [M=1477, L5203, C=43, V=2(2))”

  • Result-Oriented Professional Tool

You can also resort to professional tools in order to resolve the issue. Specifically, third-party repair applications can be especially useful while being incredibly easy to use. Additionally, they can also be highly effective for QBW files that have been corrupted to extreme levels.


The error code C=43 is related to damaged files and needs to be addressed immediately to prevent any lasting damage to your company files. In this regard, the three identified solutions can be effective in allowing you to restore your version of QuickBooks to normal. So, regardless of whether you repair the existing components through internal repairs or use third-party applications, you can easily resolve the error with the solutions provided here.

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