Quickbooks for Mac 2019

QuickBooks For Mac

QuickBooks is an accounting management software that allows small businesses to effectively and easily manage their bills, payments, expenses and payroll from a single platform. Available for Windows and Mac systems, the Mac 2019 version was the 2nd version released for Mac systems. Being an upgrade from the 2016 version, QuickBooks For Mac 2019 boasted of many features that made it much more efficient than the initial 2016 version.

However, while numerous changes and new features had been added, user reviews had been conflicted regarding the performance and whether the application had been value-for-money. Regardless, with the general consensus being that the software was a much improved and upgraded one, here is all you need to know about the program, its support features, reviews and the multi-user feature. Keep reading to know more about the 2019 version of the software for the Mac OS.

QuickBooks For Mac

QuickBooks for Mac is a product specific to US users, which is convenient for the company because of the staggering amount of Apple and Mac users in the US. Due to the different system requirements of the Mac OS, the features available for Mac systems had been different. However, with constant upgrades and developments, the latest version of the software for Mac, namely the Mac 2021 version, comes with incredible features and facilities crucial for small businesses. However, while Mac 2021 is the latest version, Mac 2019 remains one of the most beloved versions, because of the many essential features that had been introduced to it and its immense ease in usage.

QuickBooks For Mac 2019 Support

Despite bringing one of the most successful versions, there were some support requirements when using the software. These support needs arose as a result of the strict system requirements to allow the system to run on a Mac OS computer. Some of these requirements include:

  • OS no older than 10.12 (Sierra) version and fully supported by 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave) versions.
  • Intel processor – Core 2 Duo or higher.
  • 4GB, or at least 2GB, RAM required.
  • Free disk space of 250MB or more.
  • Driver installation CD with stable internet connection.
  • Multi-user server.
  • Valid product registration.

Despite such system requirements, the 2019 version resolved many issues faced by users while using the 2016 version of the software. One of the biggest advantages was that it included more operating systems that the software could be operated with. So, with the presence of such facilities and system requirements, you can easily operate the QuickBooks Mac 2019 on your Apple computer.

QuickBooks for Mac 2019 Reviews (200)

While reviews and reception of the Mac 2019 version had been primarily positive, the different usage of different businesses implied that while some were satisfied, some were left unsatisfied as well. Specifically, as recorded on the customer review section of the product on Amazon, the version gained a 4.2 rating out of 5, although 11% of reviewers rated it 1-star as well.

Most of the positive reviews exclaimed delight at the ease in usage and installation of the product, along with highly efficient customer support and transition of company files from the older to the 2019 version. Specifically, the Mac version had been touted by many customers as being considerably better than the Windows version. On the contrary, many users complained that the interface was extremely complicated along with horrible customer support. Along with the lack of proper customer support, many users also complained about the registration process as well as the costs not being suitable for small businesses.

So, while some users faced issues with using the Mac 2019 system, a vast majority expressed positive reactions to the changes from the previous versions of the software. This is primarily since there are not many accounting software applications that work with Mac systems and thus, the presence of both the Windows and Mac versions makes the product suitable for all.

Quickbooks for Mac 2019 Multi-user

The ability to host multiple users is one of the features that had been added to the QuickBooks Mac 2019 version. In addition to allowing documents to be shared across multiple Mac-based systems through the iCloud platform, changing utility settings can also allow multiple users to access a single file at the same time.

To turn on multi-user hosting, all you would need to do is go to the “File” menu and hover over the “Utilities” service. From the drop-down menu, select “Host Multi-User Access,” and click “Yes” when prompted. This will allow the company file to host multiple users. However, you need to ensure that the company file to be accessed by multiple users is saved and accessible by the Host computer.

You also need to ensure that you have the multi-user version installed to avail of this service. With a single-user licence, while you may be able to view the file from two computers, no changes or edits can be made, rendering it useless. Thus, care in ensuring that the single-user version is not being used can help in resolving this issue.


In conclusion, it can be determined that the QuickBooks Mac 2019 version had been a stepping stone that allowed the software to become as efficient as it has become now. With amazing features for computers with the Mac OS, the software had been able to gain a massive market in the US. This acted as a milestone and reference point, which allowed the further versions of 2020 and 2021 to become increasingly more efficient as well. While some may argue that the costs are too high, the benefits of the software can be identified to sufficiently compensate for that.

However, for new businesses looking for accounting software, it would be advisable to go for the latest one. This is since the newer ones have not only been developed through considering user feedback, but it is also compliant with the latest standards and systems and also include a much wider range of features. In the presence of such features, the risk of the older versions becoming obsolete ad outdated is high.

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