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Right from QuickBooks, print your employee’s pay stubs. You can print several pay stubs at once, or you can print one at a time. Your company name, address, and phone number are included in QuickBooks at each pay stub’s top and bottom.

Please Note: For printing pay stubs, use plain paper. Don’t use stock monitoring. 

pay stub invoice template quickbooks
Why To Create A QuickBooks Payment Stub

Why Create a QuickBooks Payment Stub

The owners of the company must maintain duplicate records describing a delegate and his instalments and hours worked. The law demands this and can’t be dodged. Government law does not make it necessary to pay out stub, so it appears to be the best way to maintain information useful for various purposes. Giving your representative a payout stub gets you far from any difficulties. Both you and the employee have proof of the instalment, costs and allowances made. This will help resolve any debates between the gatherings that might occur.

pay stub invoice template quickbooks
quickbooks template pay stub generator

Print at once one or more pay stubs

  • Navigate to the File menu and hover over Print Forms. Then pick Pay Stubs.print pay stubs from the QuickBooks file menu.
  • Pick the pay stubs you want to print in the column next to the date. Pick them from the Employee drop-down if you want to filter only particular employees.
  • Select Preferences if you want to select the business and employee details written on the pay stub. 
  • If you want to send a message to be sent with each pay stub, insert the text to be printed on all pay stub boxes in the Company message box.
  • To view pay stubs before you print them, select Preview. Select Print when you’re ready.
  • From a paycheck, print a single pay stub.
  • Open the paycheck in Laptop QuickBooks. 
  • Pick the Print icon above the check, and then Pay Stub.

How to Make a Pay Stub With QuickBooks

As part of its feature set, the QuickBooks finance programme can add payroll. This helps you control your organisation’s payroll from the dashboard of the software and handle it. Printing a pay stub and an employee’s paycheck allows him to manage his salary-related details, such as available vacation hours. 

It also acts as a tangible record of the number and date of his paycheck. To build pay stubs with the details you want your staff to have, use the Payroll Printing Preferences in QuickBooks. 

  • Open QuickBooks, then on the main menu bar, press ‘Delete’.
  • To open the Preferences panel, pick “Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the column on the left side of the browser, press ‘Payroll and Employees’. 
  • Click the Company Preferences tab, and in the QuickBooks Payroll Features section, click the Complete Payroll check box.
  • In the ‘Set Preferences For’ area, click the ‘Paid Stub and Voucher Printing’ tab. The window for Payroll Printing Preferences opens.
  • In the “On Paycheck Vouchers and Pay Stubs, Print” section, click the checkboxes next to the things you would like to put on the pay stub. For example, if you want the company name to appear on the pay stub, click the “Legal Company Name” check box.
  • After selecting all of your objects, click the ‘OK’ button, then click ‘OK’ in the Preferences window. Each paycheck will be printed automatically with a pay stub with the selected details.

What You Cannot Customize in QuickBooks Pay Stub Template

The following details should not be excluded from a pay stub because of legal requirements: 

  • For the duration, the wage or hourly rate, hours worked, and the amount of pay. 
  • Period of pay 
  • Taxes on workers 
  • Deductions from salaries and additions 
  • Contributions from a taxable corporation 
  • Net salary 
  • For the previous products, year-to-date amounts 
  • Name and Address of Business 
  • Social Security Number for Employee (This may vary by state, check with your form for their legal requirements.)

QuickBooks Pay Stub Template Generator

Businesses can make pay stubs through a site like CheckStubMaker  or https://www.shopify.in/tools/pay-stub-generator without utilizing any extra programming or PC spreadsheet.

Writer’s Note

This takes us to the blog’s end. Following any of the methods above will allow QB users to print pay stubs on the QuickBooks Desktop software successfully. Hope that this blog will help you set up the QuickBooks Pay Stub.

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