Quickbooks Pos Invalid Product Number

Quickbooks Pos Invalid Product Number

This article is about the QuickBooks point of sale and application is used by small and medium retailers worldwide. This article contains research-based information done by CpaDesk Experts.  This article I would help you to learn how to fix QuickBooks point of sale error invalid product number error code : Error code 176109.

 Users usually encounter this error while trying to open quickbooks point of sale

Now the question remains and most of the time Quickbooks point of sale uses often asks,  why I am getting this error or why QuickBooks POS says invalid product number even if I have a valid registration and licence key for the software.

Root cause of this error

  1. issue with the point of sale and  entitlement folder.
  2.  Maybe as a user, you entered an incorrect product number during installation.
  3.   you are not logged in  as an administrator in your computer.
  4.  point of sale update caused an issue with the entitlement folder.


step 1  deleting the content of the entitlement folder, there are two ways you can perform this step by going manually or automatically.

  •  to delete content automatically download and run clear entitlement file tool.
  • once the process is finished open QuickBooks POS software and completes the registration.
  • next step is the manual way but before you delete the entitlement folder manually it’s always recommended to display hidden files and folders in Windows, to do that it follow the steps.
  • “Windows 10:  on your desktop screen open file explorer Explorer.
  • At the top click on view and then checkmark hidden items.
  • For Windows 8.1 and Windows 8:  Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard along with this first letter E, this key combination wood open file  Explorer.
  •  At the top click on the view tab and then select fine extensions and then head items.
  •  for Windows 7 and Vista.
  •  open file explorer by doing right-click at the Windows logo.
  •  then click on organize and select folder and search options.
  •  Click on the View tab and choose to show hidden files and folders then yes and apply the changes.
  •  In most of the scenarios we have seen as a user you are unable to find and search files in Windows.
  •  But don’t worry our team of experts is here to help you to find or search for files in Windows 10 8.1 8 and 7 follow the steps.
  • open Windows file explorer, the key combination is windows key plus letter E.
  • Then the key combination to find in Windows its control F.
  • This key combination opens a small box and writes the name of the file if you remember or if you don’t remember your QuickBooks data file name. You can always use a file extension which is.QBW.
  • Your search results will be displayed, you may see the same file name appear in multiple folders, which is just fine.
  • Windows Vista follows these steps.
  • Click on Windows Logon and choose the search.
  • choose advanced search from the drop-down menu.
  • inside the location field always selects the computer.
  • enter the name of the file in the name field which you would like to search then click on search.
  • now you have search results available in the bottom section of Windows.”
  • by following these steps in the Windows operating system you can display hidden files and folders or search for QuickBooks files.
  • Now since we have followed all the steps as per the protocol or we could say as per the standard method it’s time to delete the entitlement client folder.
  • use key combination Windows key plus letter E  open Windows file explorer.
  • Default location for Intuit entitlement client  is    C:Program DataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8.
  • select all the files and folders with the key combination control a and then press delete.
  • click yes to confirm.
  • reopen QuickBooks point of sale and complete the registration.
  1. If still invalid product number or invalid product code error persists then follow the next solution:
  • try to rename the WS activity file.
  • open file explorer the key combination is windows key + letter.
  • go to the default location of QuickBooks point of the sale data file which is: C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks POS version.
  • choose WS activity file right-click on it and select rename.
  • rename this file as per your choice and save the changes.
  • once you did once again follow solution number 1.
  • and delete the Intuit entitlement folder and Re-Open QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • If you still have the same error then the final solution would be to reinstall QuickBooks POS software.

A clean installation is a final solution for all QuickBooks point of sale-related errors and issues but before you do that please follow these recommendations:

create a backup of your data file.

  • keep the license number and product number Handy.
  • sign in as a Windows Administrator.
  • now follow these steps to uninstall QuickBook’s point of sale.
  • Press and hold the Windows key and press the letter R to open the run window.
  • type a command appwiz.CPL.
  • this would bring programs and features window.
  • select QuickBooks’ point of sale from the list and click on uninstall.

follow the steps  as per your screen instructions:

  • Once the QuickBooks point of sale uninstalls completely restart your computer.
  • Now the last and final step is to download QuickBook’s point of sale once again on your computer.
  • REStore backup file.
  • Work on your software-for a while and check whether you have the same issue or not.

If you are not comfortable or if you are unable to follow these trouble troubleshooting steps please don’t hesitate to call QuickBooks point of sale Proadvisor.

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