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How to find the latest invoice in QuickBooks

Many companies use the QuickBooks accounting service, which is available for PCs, to handle their accounting needs. QuickBooks has several features that can help you manage your accounting, including the ability to monitor payroll, costs, and invoices. It can be difficult for some companies to keep track of invoices, particularly if they have a large client base.

Each invoice can be stored electronically in QuickBooks, allowing you to hold all of your invoices in one programme and view them as required. You can keep track of your invoices in QuickBooks using a few different methods.

Have you ever wanted to make a new QuickBooks Online template? I’m going to show you three different ways to do it today. First, I’ll walk you through a simple series of steps, then I’ll explain those steps, and finally, I’ll provide a link to a video at the bottom that will show you exactly how to do it.

  • In the upper right-hand corner, click the gear: This gear can be found on several pages in QuickBooks Online. If you’re still having trouble locating it, go to your dashboard. The equipment does not take you to a new tab, but it does open a sizeable drop-down menu with many options.
  • Select Custom Form Styles from the Company column: After you’ve clicked the gear, you’ll see a four-column drop-down menu. The label Company will be in the first column from the left, and Custom Form Styles will be the third item. That should be clicked.
  • Choose Invoice from the New Style drop-down menu: You should be on a different page now. If you’ve previously produced models, they’ll be listed here. Otherwise, this page may appear to be blank. The terms “modern style” will be written in an oval in the upper right-hand corner. The oval button should be pressed. Click New Invoice from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Give the invoice and the template a name: The default tab loaded is style, and there will be for accounts to click on. There should be an input box right under the design tab. Use this input box to give your template a unique name so you can distinguish it from others.
  • Select Dive in with a New Template from the drop-down menu: This is the first move after the prototype has been called. Many design variants will be available once you press this button. The following are some of the templates available:
  • Airy New
  • Airy Classic
  • Modern
  • Fresh
  • Bold
  • Friendly
  • Make changes to your logo, colour, and font as needed: This is where you can give your template a personal touch. You’ll be able to add versatility now if you have branded Hex colours, a company logo, or a company font.
  • Personalise Your Invoice’s Content: The invoice’s content is divided into three sections:
  • Header: You’ll find things like the company’s name, address, invoice date, and billing account information in the Header area.
  • Table: The heart of your invoice is in the Table section. This is where you’ll keep track of what you’ve sold.
  • Footer: The totals are in the Footer section. The subtotal, any discounts, fees, and the balance due will all be shown.
  • The Emails tab can be customised: This is where you can make changes to the invoice’s appearance before sending it to a customer by email. You may change the post, greeting, subject line, and whether a PDF copy of the invoice is included.
  • Click the Done button: Your template is now complete and ready to use!

If you’ve made an invoice, the software will automatically follow the numbering. You will use the last number on the first invoice in QuickBooks Online to begin the series. Before you do that, double-check that the prototype has been customised to enable you to enter an invoice amount.

  • Pick Templates from the Lists menu.
  • To open the invoice template, double-click it.
  • Select the button for Additional Customization.
  • Tick Invoice Number under the Header tab. Make sure the Screen and Print column is verified.
  • Click OK, and then OK.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that will help you manage the finances of a particular organisation. The software is filled with different features and functions, and it is so easy to run that with a bit of time spent with the software, you can become a master.

The whole motive of the blog is to help you understand the latest invoice in QuickBooks and the aspects related to the same. I hope that this blog helped you and was worth a read.

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