H202 Error In QuickBooks

steps by steps solution to fix quickbooks error h202

QuickBooks is accounting software that helps you to manage all the aspects of accounting or bookkeeping of your organization. However, as with any other software QuickBooks is also attracted to errors and the error H202 is one of them.

In this post, we will get to know more about error H202 and how can we fix error H202 by following some simple tips and tricks. QuickBooks error H202 generally occurs mostly on the multi-user network.

H202 Error in QuickBooks when opening multi-user mode.

The company files of the QuickBooks are mostly stored on a server PC. Different PC’s that are connected to that one server pc is called Workstations. Now when one of these different workstations fails to open one of the company files, it results in QuickBooks Error H202.

Reasons behind the H202 Error In QuickBooks

fix quickbooks error h202

Like mentioned earlier the QuickBooks Error H202 occurs when a workstation is not able to access the company file. The different reasons behind that are given below:               

  • There might be a possibility that the hosting or the configuration settings are incorrect.
  • Incoming and outgoing communication is getting blocked by the server PC’s firewall.
  • Corrupt DNS server.
  • QuickBooks is not able to detect the IP address of the server PC or the workstation that you are trying to access that file from.
  • QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor the QuickBooks services that should be running on the server PC are not running.
  • .ND means the Network Data file is corrupted.

If you’re getting the QuickBooks Error H202 these are the main causes or reasons behind the error occurring whenever you’re trying to work on one of the workstations. Now to fix this error all you need to do is give the next segment of this article a careful read.                 

Before applying the methods to resolve the error given in the next segment please ensure that you have backed up the QuickBooks Company file so that if in case you need to restore the data you can restore it.

Please note that before applying any of these methods you must try and resolve this issue by using QuickBooks Database Server Manager cause that is recommended by Intuit. Most of the time you will able to resolve the QuickBooks Error H202 by using QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

However, if you’re still facing the same error you can give it a try with all these multiple and different methods that are given in the next segment.

How to fix H202 Error in QuickBooks

To fix the H202 error in QuickBooks you just need to follow these simple methods and you’ll be able to get rid of the QuickBooks Error H202.

Method 1: Check your Network Connectivity

To check the connectivity of your network you need to ping from the PC server to the workstation that is getting the QuickBooks Error H202.              

If in case you don’t know your PC server’s name you should turn on the settings of the ‘Network Discovery’ from your PC server or from the workstation that is getting the error.                                    

To ping your server you just need to follow the given steps:

  • Open the ‘run’ window by typing run on the search bar of Windows.
  • Now type CMD in the search bar of the run window.
  • After that please ping to the workstation that is getting that error by entering ‘ping space server name’.
  • If packet loss pops up or if you are getting a slow reply then you must repair the network.

To repair the network you need to use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. All you need to do is run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and it will resolve the network issue for you.

Method 2: Please ensure that the QuickBooks Services are running

You need to make sure that the QuickBooks services QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor are running on the PC server by simply following the simple steps:                  

  • Open the ‘run’ window by typing run on the search bar of Windows.
  • Now type services.msc in the search bar of the run window.
  • After opening services.msc, you will find QuickBooksDBXX open that.
  • In the QuickBooksDBXX Properties window, select Automatic from the given option as the ‘Startup’ Type.
  • The Service status must be set to one of the two it can either be Running or Started Or else, choose Start.
  • Select ‘recovery, tab after that.
  • You will see three dropdowns First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures. Choose to restart the service in all three dropdowns.
  • Now give consent to apply the changes that you’ve just made.

To check the QuickBooks services of QBCFMonitor Repeat all the steps above.

After completing all these steps open QuickBooks on the PC server as well as the workstation the one in which you’re facing that error.  Now switch to the Multi-user mode again and open the company file. By now the error must’ve been got fixed.


To conclude, you might face some errors or issues while using your favorite software but that is not the end of the world you can certainly fix all these issues. When it comes to QuickBooks Error H202 that is another such error that can be fixed by the simple methods that are given above. Hope this article helps you fix the error and worth your time.


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