How to Remote Access in QuickBooks

Access QuickBooks Desktop from Anywhere

Are you one of those who is still traveling to your client’s location for working on QuickBooks? Do you still find it hard to get enough time to work for your clients? Are you overloaded and stressed with work especially on the tax-filling days? Do you find 30% of the time got wasted on reaching your client’s place? Now, meet all your current accounting needs in this pandemic era by staying at home and safely work from home. Get all your problems resolved quickly with Remote access software in QuickBooks. In this article, we will discuss all about Remote access in QuickBooks, its several benefits to every small business owner, CPA, or tax payer, what all you can do when using QuickBooks from a remote location, recommendations, and its cost.

QuickBooks Intro

QuickBooks is a cloud-based software that provides an accounting platform to manage all your bookkeeping and accounting needs. It is specially designed for small and mid-sized business owners, free Lancers, and self-employed to help them grow financially by managing all their accounts at a single platform. QuickBooks comes up with several features and some great tools that let its users manage their banks, create invoices, pay bills, making deposits, manage inventory, process payroll, file tax, and many more from their QuickBooks accounts. It is available in different products and is updated in a new version every year to let its users have a seamless experience while working on QuickBooks. QuickBooks is also integrated with more than 300 third-party software without being a switch to other applications.

Remote Access in QuickBooks

Remote access in QuickBooks is a server that allows its users to work in QuickBooks no matter where they go. With this remote access, users can manage their QuickBooks accounts, emails, documents, payroll, invoices, etc. from any device. There is no need to go to your client’s place to work. Even there is no need to waste long hours travelling and rushing to the office to get your work completed on time. You may enjoy the flexibility to work from the home, car or from anywhere. What you all need is an android device, laptop, and a strong internet connection regardless of place and time. Remote access allows you to remotely take printouts from a remote computer to a local printer.

The benefits of Remote Accessing QuickBooks

There are several benefits to the users having remote access in QuickBooks. It is obvious for us to enjoy the wonders of using working QuickBooks remotely as we cannot operate the QuickBooks Desktop all the time. Below are some great benefits:

  • Allows Import & Export of Files/Folders: Users can import and export any file and folders from their main server computer to the remote device using remote accessing QuickBooks Software.
  • Saves the precious time: Now save your time by reducing the traveling time to your client’s location and become more productive using Remote Access Software in QuickBooks.
  • Helpful in cost-cutting and infrastructure costs: Once you start operating your work from your home or anywhere you go, you don’t need to set up the office. Hence, you can save money by cost cutting on infrastructure for your business.
  • Easily accessible to remote machines and local computers: Intuit allows QuickBooks to easily access remote machines and local computers using QuickBooks Remote access software.
  • Allows printing from remote to a local printer: You can easily print any document, form, receipt from a local printer available at any remote location.
  • Easily accessible for Clients as well: Your client can easily approach you for any urgent clarification through remote access in QuickBooks.
  • Comes up with multi-functionality features: It comes up with the feature of multi-user collaboration that means multi-users can perform the task on the same file and folder at the same time using remote access on QuickBooks.

What you can do when you using QuickBooks from a remote location.

You can operate all your account working in QuickBooks from a remote location just like you were operating from your desktop. The difference is that you are now flexible to use any device and work from anywhere in the world provided having a strong internet connection. Below are some regular tasks that you can complete from a remote location in QuickBooks.

  • You can easily control third-party applications that are integrated with your QuickBooks account from a remote location.
  • Once you are accessible to Remotely operate the QuickBooks, you can use a remote computer to the local printer to remotely print the 1099 form, check, receipts, or any other document.
  • You can easily reach out to your client’s place digitally for sharing any confidential or important information on an urgent basis. Your client too can easily approach you immediately on urgent need.
  • A common screen can be shared between you and your client. You can easily give your client training or guidance on any important matter.
  • Apart from this, you can perform any regular task wherever you go just by login into your QuickBooks account by accessing your remote session.


There are three options that Intuit offers to its users for remotely accessing QuickBooks.

  • A cloud-based hosting of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Access QuickBooks Online through Internet.
  • Use a QuickBooks Remote Access Tool.
Hosting for QuickBooks

Intuit has been allowed hosting its QuickBooks Desktop on third-party server using QuickBooks Remote Access Software. One can easily enjoy all the basic features and tools of QuickBooks Desktop on a remote server. Authenticated users can access the QuickBooks desktop anywhere using the internet and QuickBooks Access Software when installed on the server of the hosting computer. Users can easily adapt to the cloud environment as of AI features in the desktop version. Users can opt for any device of their choices like smartphone, mac, pc, or laptop. QuickBooks Hosting also promotes productivity by reducing the burden of IT team. At the same time, it allows multi-users collaboration on the same server along with third-party add-on integration of applications.

Recommended:  QuickBooks hosting is recommended for those professionals and businesses that are looking for improved collaboration between the users. Those small business entrepreneurs must opt for this QuickBooks hosting who need it frequently because of their professional profile demands on a regular basis.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is entirely functional on the cloud server. Users can avail of all its features using an internet connection on any device from anywhere they go. However, they will not fully enjoy the features of hosting QuickBooks desktop. Hence, their experience on QuickBooks Online will be completely different from hosting QuickBooks Desktop. Also, it is observed that users sometimes report crashes while working on QuickBooks Online Remote Access Software.

Recommended: It is recommended for those professional accountants who need QuickBooks Online on regular basis. Also, for those having not much requirement of multi-user collaboration and all the features of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

This tool is connected to the device or a machine in which QuickBooks is already installed. With the use of the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool, you will not be able to enjoy the entire functions and features of QuickBooks, but you can only enjoy basic functions like copying and pasting files and folders on the remote server. Also, you will be able to perform the tasks like printing and accessing the data folder on the remote server. It is connected to the remote machine on which QuickBooks is installed which is available in two versions – QuickBooks Access and Access to Full Desktop. You can buy any version directly from Intuit’s website. Many other QuickBooks Remote Access tools are available in the market. Each is different from one another in terms of their permission set up and network connections.

Recommended: Any professional or individual can buy this QuickBooks Remote Access Tool who does not need QuickBooks on regular basis.

QuickBooks Remote Access provides security.

Security has now become a major concern for all the accounting activities performed digitally. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting provide commercial hoster to ensure that clients’ data is safe and secure. Some of them offer 256-bit encryption to protect the data from malware and viruses. QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Remote Access Tool provide equal security to the database of their clients. Whereas, popular QuickBooks Desktop Hosting provides, latest antimalware and antivirus, data recovery, multiple firewalls, monitoring of AI data, prevents data from unknown sources, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system, regular monitoring support, and many more.

Cost of Remote Access in QuickBooks.

The cost of Remote access in QuickBooks is very economical that every small-sized business owner can easily buy. It is available in two different versions the cost of which is mentioned as:

  • $99.75 per month for Full Desktop Access.
  • $77.95 per month for QuickBooks Access.

Winding Up: In the last, we sum up as, remote access in QuickBooks has now become an essential need for those who want to instantly reach out to their clients without any stressful traveling to their workplace. Therefore, enhance your working hours from 8 to 12 hours by reducing wasteful traveling time and be more productive to your work. Therefore, immediately pick the one package listed above and get the best out of your business by buying remote access in QuickBooks. However, for any further assistance or query, you may directly reach out to the QuickBooks Support Desk.

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