How to void check in QuickBooks

So we all have checks that don’t clear for some reason in QuickBooks, So this solution is applicable for all QuickBooks versions Including the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 the latest one.

We always have some transitions checks that don’t clear whatever may be the reason.

To see an uncleared check or how to an uncleared check in QuickBooks Follow the steps below.

  • Open QuickBooks which version you are using (Pro, Premier, Enterprise).
  • From the main menu go to Banking and then select Reconcile.
How to void check in QuickBooks Desktop
how to void and reissue a payroll check in quickbooks desktop.
  • Then you have Reconcile Cash in back operating windows open as its shown in the image
how to void a check and redo it in quickbooks desktop
  • Click on Continue and you have next windows open with the list of check and the Uncleared check be highlighted as its in this image
how to void a check in quickbooks desktop 2016
  • So what we usually do, just get rid of that check. This is not the correct way to do it because still, this uncleared check may affect your books.

Now The Question Remains How To Avoid These Things Or How To Remove Such Checks Out Of QuickBooks. There Are A Couple Of Possibilities Either You Delete The Check Or Void It.

Now the question is when you want to delete and when you want to void. Eventually, we have to remove that uncleared check because it’s hurting your books. So what happens when you void a check-in QuickBooks It just change the amount to Zero and adds the word void in the memo on write check windows for more information check the image below:

how to enter a void check in quickbooks desktop

All its doing by voiding the check, QuickBooks Editing that checks so that you can keep a record of that check so that you can remember what happened to that check. But if you click to delete that check ..

how to void a check and redo it in quickbooks desktop

That means you are deleting the complete record of that check, So it’s always recommended rather than deleting a check it’s always better to void it. Even if you try to delete it QuickBooks would give a warning “are you sure you want to delete it”.Because this is not the best practice on QuickBooks. Deleting a check means vanishing the complete record which is not got for your books.

To void a check on QuickBooks Follow these steps:

  • On the home page click on Write check 
  • find that checks using two arrows at the right-hand side top corner  
  • On the same window, you have an option to delete with the Down arrow, If you click on it you see Delete and  Void.
  • So what this process does is void the check in the system on the same date it was created on.
  • Void process change the amount to Zero but doesn’t change the date 
  • When you click to save change QuickBooks gives you a warning 
  • Click yes, Than it’s going to void check via journal entry in the current year or month

That’s all you can do to void a check in QuickBooks, So the best practice is void a check rather than deleting it. And once you are done voiding check make sure you go to reports and then banking and select missing check. A new window would have information about all the checks and void checks. If you have any issues or concerns always feel free to contact QuickBooks Proadvisor.

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