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quickbooks error 30114

QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that has always been immensely popular and is used worldwide. Mainly small businesses and freelancers have been using the QuickBooks Desktop software for quite some time now.  But like any other computer accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop software is also prone to different errors and issues, and QuickBooks Error 30114 is one of them.

This blog will learn about the QuickBooks Error and some other very important aspects related to the same, so please read the whole blog until the very end, starting from the next segment.

The user base is increasing day by day, especially in western countries. The software comes along with all the features that will help you manage the accounting of any organization. The software has constantly been updated so that it stays relevant to the changing federal rules and guidelines.

QuickBooks payroll error 30114 is a payroll error in the software whenever there are signs of malware or virus in the QuickBooks Desktop software. It is one of the most common errors that often takes place.

You don’t need to worry about this. I will help you fix this particular error in this blog, so please read the following paragraph, which will help you understand the error and quickly fix it in no time.

To fix any error, you need to understand the error and do that, and you need to know why that particular error is occurring in your QuickBooks Desktop software and the primary reasons behind it.

Causes of Error Code 30114

Root causes help you understand the primary reasons behind any error occurring in your system, and then when you try to fix it, you will exactly know the reason and what you need to do. The root causes of error code 30114 quickbooks payroll are as follows:

Improper installation

Most of the time, when the QuickBooks Desktop software has not been appropriately installed, these kinds of minor issues occur to ensure that the QuickBooks Desktop software is installed correctly on your computer.

Incompatible programs running

The excessive number of software running in the background without any reason can also be one of the reasons behind the Error. This running software in the background uses many space and ram, making the software and the computer sluggish.

PC gets crashed

PC getting crashed simultaneously can also lead you to an Error. There can be more than one reason behind the PC getting crashed, such as:

  • PC is not getting the proper air, or the cooling fan is not working correctly.
  • You’re RAM or Hard Disk doesn’t have much space left in it.
  • The corrupt window can also be one of the reasons behind the PC gets crashed.

Due to bill payment issues

Since one payroll error due to bill payment can also be one of the reasons behind the error. Before applying any solution, many make sure that all the payments or dues are clear.

Due to screen frozen

The software can also get this error because the screen is frozen because of the corrupt window or the space that your system has to fix. You need to do some hardware upgrades that will support the software.

Due to the online app not working

There can also be server issues from Intuit’s side, so waiting a couple of hours is also suggested after that, mobile app not working also.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 30114

You can always run a scan from QuickBooks File Doctor or QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix any error. Both of these software is available on the official website of Intuit.

These tools are absolutely free and specially designed to fix every issue related to QuickBooks Desktop software. You can also try some of the manual solutions, and you just need to read and carefully apply the following methods:

  • System Junk files should be cleaned.
  • System Device Drivers should be updated.
  • Use the system’s Windows System Restore and Undo the Recent Changes tools.
  • Install the Program relevant to the Payroll Error 30114 after uninstalling QB.

Method 1: Run Malware Scan

Running a Malware scan can always help you with many errors and issues, w, w, which one of them. To run a scan, you need to follow these steps that are as follows simply:

  • Open the antivirus or Windows defender that you are using on your PC.
  • Then you need to run a scan and delete the malware that has been detected.

Deleting the malware will fix the QuickBooks Error 30114 in no time, and if in case the error persists, you can move on to the following method.

Method 2: Create a backup

Creating a backup file of the QuickBooks Desktop software can help you fix the QuickBooks Error 30014, and to do that, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Select Back Up Data from the File menu.
  • Set the backup location. Select Default Location to backup to the default folder on the local hard drive.
  • Back up to a network drive or removable media by selecting Specify Alternate Location and entering the path or browsing to the backup location and entering a file name.
  • Back up your data, then click Finish.

These steps will help you create a backup file, which might help you fix the Error 30114, and if in case this method also doesn’t work, you must move on to the following method.

Method 3: Update QB

Please note that you need to update your QuickBooks Desktop software to the latest version so that such minor errors don’t come your way when you try to work on QuickBooks Desktop software.

To update your QuickBooks Desktop software, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

How to check updates on QuickBooks Desktop software?

To check updates on QuickBooks Desktop software are as follows:

  • Log in to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To open the Product Information window, use F2 (or Ctrl+1).
  • Examine your current release and version.

How to set up automatic updates on QuickBooks Desktop software?

To set up automatic updates on QuickBooks Desktop, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.
  • Navigate to the Update Now section. To delete all previous update downloads, tick the Reset Update option.
  • To begin the download, click Get Updates.
  • Restart QuickBooks after the download is complete.
  • Accept the option to install the updated release when offered.

Please note that if you don’t want to download updates right now, you may schedule them for later.

How to schedule future updates?

To schedule future updates, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.
  • Navigate to the Options menu.
  • To enable automatic updates, choose Yes.

Please note that you need to select Yes for each machine to share automatic downloads with other computers on your network.

  • Choose Close.

How to update the QuickBooks Desktop software manually?

First, get the most recent updates:

  • QuickBooks and your company files should be closed.
  • Navigate to the Windows Start menu.
  • Look up QuickBooks Desktop. Select Run as administrator from the context menu when you right-click the icon.
  • Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop while on the No Company Open screen.
  • Navigate to the Options menu. Select Mark All, followed by Save.
  • Select the Reset Update checkbox on the Update Now tab.
  • When you’re finished, click Get Updates.
  • Close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop when the update is complete. Select Yes to apply the updates.
  • Restart your computer after the installation is complete.

Method 4: Re-create damaged folder

Recreating a damaged folder can help you fix quickbooks payroll error 30114. To recreate the damaged folder, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • If QuickBooks is open, close it.
  • Open the entitlement data folder for your operating system and QuickBooks version.
  • To launch the Run window, hit Windows + R on your keyboard.
  • Enter (or copy and paste) the information below, then press Enter.
  • Delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file by right-clicking it.
  • To confirm that you wish to remove the file, click Yes.
  • Open QuickBooks, navigate to your company file and then follow these steps to register the application.

Method 5: Update Windows OS

Updating the Windows OS can help fix the error code 30114 quickbooks payroll. To update Windows OS, you need to follow the steps are as follows:

  • From the bottom-left corner, select the Start Windows button.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Choose the Update & Security icon.
  • In the left sidebar, select the Windows Update tab.
  • Check for updates by clicking the Check for updates button. If an update is available, it will begin downloading automatically.

You can also chat with live agents. They will address your issue then and there and will help you fix the issue in no time. These agents are highly trained to help you resolve any error related to QuickBooks Desktop software.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software. Like any other computer accounting software, it is also prone to different errors and issues, and one of those errors is QuickBooks Error 30114.

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