Error Code 81832 Quickbooks – How to Resolve

Error Code 81832

QuickBooks Desktop software is one of the most well-known and widely used accounting software in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The software has always remained at the top since its launch, and the reason for this is because it has been continuously updated to stay relevant in the game. The one significant difficulty with the software is that, like any accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop software is prone to various errors and issues, one of which being quickbooks error code 81832. This whole blog is devoted to the error, so please read the full blog to understand the error better and fix it.

What Does quickbooks error code 81832 means

You are trying to downgrade your account but getting an error. (Error code:-81832). Why do you have the option to upgrade but the downgrade is not working?

error code 81832often happens when you attempt to login into your QuickBooks Desktop software, degrade the QuickBooks Desktop software, or your plan that you’ve taken has been expired.

Causes of Error Code 81832 Quickbooks Online

The root causes of QuickBooks Error 81832 downgrade plan are as follows:

Windows OS files are damaged

Damaged windows active system files can be one of the reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 81832. These files get damaged when there’s a virus or malware in your computer or sometimes when the system file gets corrupted.

Installation files are damaged

Damaged QuickBooks installation files are the primary reason for this error. As the name suggests, the installation files are the files that get auto-created when you try to install any software on your computer and when these files get damaged, errors or that software becoming sluggish is bound to happen.

Incorrect date and time

Incorrect date and time recorded in the software or the system you are working on may result in QuickBooks Error 81832.

Security enhancements

Like any other computer software, QuickBooks Desktop software also gets regular updates that include security enhancements that Intuit has made, which can also be one of the reasons behind the error.

Applications consume space and data

It’s pretty apparent that when you minimize any software, it keeps on running in the background and consumes a lot of space and data. That can also be one of the many reasons behind the Error 81832 QuickBooks downgrade plan.

Data damage

Damaged or corrupted data is one of the primary reasons that may lead you to this particular issue. Damaged or corrupted data is one prevalent issue that can happen in any computer software, so checking the data corruption is highly recommended if you are facing this particular error.

These are some of the primary root causes behind Error 81832. You can always fix these errors and issues since these are prevalent and standard errors, and you can quickly select them by using tools like QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub. Some manual fixes have been described in our next segment, so please read the next segment carefully.

How do I clear Error code 81832 Quickbooks

To fix QuickBooks Error code 81832, you can always use QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub, and you can download these tools from the official website of Intuit.

Important: Before you go on to the first method, you must try signing into the software through a private browser. The problem can be related to the cache and cookies of the browser you are using. Incognito window can be one of the solutions for this error, so please check before jumping on to the methods to fix the QuickBooks Error 81832.

Resolve Billing and Subscription issues

Before you downgrade, double-check that you aren’t losing any vital functionality. Keep in mind that downgrading will nullify any savings on your existing plan.

Step 1: Select a new strategy: Examine the various options to determine which subscription level is best for you.

Step 2: Deactivate features in your existing plan: Some features may need to be disabled before you downgrade. If you utilize any of these features, proceed as follows:

Recurring transaction templates must be paused:

Turn off your recurring transaction templates first if you need to move to QuickBooks Online Simple Start. This plan does not support recurring transactions:

  • Select Recurring Transactions from the Settings menu.
  • Choose a template. Then choose Edit from the dropdown menu.
  • To confirm, choose Pause and then Pause again.
  • Remove any additional users.

Depending on the plan you downgrade to, you may need to delete users. Learn more about each plan’s user restrictions.

Find out more about multi-currency:

Multi-currency is not supported by QuickBooks Online bill pay. You will not be able to switch to QuickBooks Simple Start if you have the multi-currency functionality activated.

Turn off the inventory:

Make your inventory items inactive if you need to move to QuickBooks Online Simple Start or Essentials. Inventory tracking is not supported at these subscription levels. Inventory tracking is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced.

Step 1: Make a copy of your financial reports:

Run a report on all of your goods or services to keep track of the amounts you have on hand:

  • Navigate to Reports.
  • Open the Product/Service List report by searching for it.
  • Choose Customize.
  • Choose the Filter option.
  • Select All from the Deleted dropdown.
  • Choose Run report.
  • You may print or export your report.
  • Step two: Turn off your inventory.

When you downgrade, the amounts of your inventory goods are reset to zero. Your goods will remain in QuickBooks, but you will no longer monitor the quantity on hand:

  • Select the Products and Services option from the Sales menu.
  • Choose the Filter icon.
  • Select All from the Status dropdown.
  • Select Inventory from the Type dropdown.
  • Choose Apply. This displays all of your inventory items while hiding any non-inventory things you want to retain.
  • Check the box next to the Name column. This picks all of the items in the inventory list.
  • Choose to Make inactive from the Batch actions menu.
  • Choose Yes.
  • Your inventory items are now inactive and will no longer appear on your Product and Services list.

Cancel third-party applications:

Are you presently using any third-party applications that are linked to your account? If your new plan no longer supports them, you may need to cancel them.

Step 3: Reduce the cost of your plan:

  • Log in to QuickBooks Online as the main or company administrator.
  • Select Settings, followed by Account.
  • Navigate to the Billing & Subscriptions tab.
  • Check that your payment information is up to date.
  • Select Downgrade your plan in the QuickBooks Online section.
  • Examine the various plans before selecting Choose plan.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to downgrade your plan.

Turn Off Input Services

Turning off tablet PC input services can help you fix the QuickBooks Error Code 81832. To turn off tablet PC input services, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Click Start and then type “services.msc” into the search box.
  • In the “Services” box, look for the following item:
    • Tablet PC Support Input
    • Select “Disabled” for the “Startup type” when you double-click it.
  • To confirm, click OK.

Logout and Login Again

Logging out of the QuickBooks Desktop software and then logging back into the software can help you fix Error 81832. To log out and log back in from QuickBooks, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Select your default browser, then use the following shortcut keys to launch a private or incognito window:
    • Chrome Simply hold down Ctrl + Shift + N.
    • Ctrl + Shift + P in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    • In Safari, hold down Command + Shift + N. Check that you’re using the most recent version.
  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Navigate to the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • Check to see whether the Sign Out option is accessible. Then, to log out, click it.

Close Programs on Task Manager

To close the programs on task manager, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Using the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut.
  • Right-click on the taskbar.
  • Choose “Task Manager” from the contextual menu.
  • To see the extended Task Manager, select “More information.”
  • Click the program/process you wish to close/stop, and then click “End task” in the bottom-right corner.
  • Close an application by right-clicking it and choosing “End task” from the contextual menu. The program should now be closed.

Try a Malware Scan

Running a malware scan on your PC can help you fix the QuickBooks Error 81832. So just run a regular scan with the antivirus that you’ve installed on your computer. You can also run a scan from the windows defender. Doing that will help you fix the QuickBooks error 81832.

You can also download the QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official website of Intuit. If the error persists, you can always place a call on QuickBooks Desktop Error Support, and the representatives will help you fix any error related to the QuickBooks Desktop software.


To conclude, QuickBooks desktop software is the top-rated accounting software used by almost every organization in the west. The software’s only problem is that it is prone to errors and issues, and QuickBooks Error is one of them. In this blog, you will get to know the error, root causes, and fixes of the same, so please read the whole bag carefully. I hope that this blog proves to be helpful and was worth your time.

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