QuickBooks Desktop software is one of the best accounting software that is available in the market today. Intuit almost covers 80 percent of the market stake when it comes to the accounting software. QuickBooks Desktop software comes in three different versions covering almost every business in terms of capital, employees, and the transactions. The three different versions are:

You can choose one of the version according to your need, functions and features that the version offer. The only disadvantage of the QuickBooks Desktop software is that it is prone to different errors and issues. One error that may annoy you now and then is the QuickBooks Error H101, and the error mainly occurs when the communication of your server PC gets blocked there can also be some other reasons behind the same. 

QuickBooks Error H101 : Causes, Symptoms & Resolution

It is not a hidden thing that the QuickBooks Desktop software gets infected by indifferent errors and issues. The one error that we will discuss is the QuickBooks Error H101, and it mainly occurs when your server PC’s communication gets blocked. It is imperative that you learn about the different aspects of the same error, such as the root causes, to identify the error and fix it accordingly. The next paragraph is detailed the root causes of the QuickBooks Error H101.

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Root Causes of QuickBooks Error H101

Root causes help you identify the particular error you are facing and help you fix the error. The root causes of QuickBooks Error H101 are as follows:

  • The PC is not able to connect with the server. 
  • You are not able to locate a particular file from the server. 
  • The firewall settings can also be one of the reason behind the QuickBooks Error H101
  • The communication gap between the incoming and outgoing can also cause the Error H101
  • The configuration files that are incorrect or damaged can also lead you to the QuickBooks Error H101.

These are the main reasons behind the QuickBooks Error H101. Now that you know the root causes of the same, you must learn how to fix the error to resolve the issue yourself manually if needed.

How to fix QuickBooks Error H101

Every error in the QuickBooks Desktop software can be taken care of using QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub. However, some manual solutions can result in a quick solution. To fix the QuickBooks Error H101 follow the given answers: 

Verify Hosting: Verifying the hosting can help you to fix the QuickBooks Error H101 to do that you need to follow the steps given below:

    • Open the QuickBooks Desktop software on every workstation that is connected with your server PC. 
    • You need to select the particular file and then tap on Utilities option. 
    • You will see a Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option.

These are the three steps you need to take in every workstation connected to your server PC. In case you still cannot fix the Error H101, you can move on to the next solution.

Verify QuickBooks Services: To fix the QuickBooks Error H101, you must verify the QuickBooks Services, which can sometimes resolve the error. Follow the given means to verify the QuickBooks services:

    • Open the Run box by clicking the window +R button simultaneously, and you need to enter .MSc and then hit the enter key. 
    • Now search for the QuickBooksDBXX service on the same page by scrolling down. 
    • After that, open the recovery option and then tap on the drop-down menu and restart the service.
    • This will help you fix the error if not, you can repeat the same procedure to make the changes in the QBCFMonitorService.

Like the previous solution, you need to make sure that all these steps are repeated in every workstation connected to the server PC to fix the QuickBooks Error H101. These are the two solutions that will help you fix the QuickBooks Error H101 and if in case that doesn’t work you can always run a scan using the QuickBooks File Doctor or the QuickBooks Tool Hub that are available at the official Website of Intuit. 


To conclude, QuickBooks Desktop software may annoy you sometimes with the errors and issues that occur while you try to work on them. However, all of these can be resolved by using the QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub. The idea behind creating this blog is to educate you about the QuickBooks Error H101 along with the root causes and fixes of the same. Please read the whole blog carefully. Hope that this blog worth the read and proves to be helpful. 

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