QuickBooks Error H303

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QuickBooks Error H303

QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the accounting of a particular organisation. But like any other accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop software is also prone to different errors and issues. The one error that has been reported continuously by most of the users is QuickBooks Error H303. The error mainly occurs due to the damaged .nd files in the Company Files folder of the QuickBooks Desktop software. 

In this blog, you will learn more about the QuickBooks Error H303, root causes and the fixes of the same. Please read it till the end and fix the QB Error H303 Manually, if you are facing it. 

QuickBooks Error H303

There are many errors in QuickBooks Desktop software, and QuickBooks Error H303 is one of them, the error mainly occurs when the .nd files get corrupted or damaged by an unknown reason. 

To understand the QuickBooks Error H303, you need to read about the root causes of it that will help you know the exact reason behind it, and it will be easy to fix the Error once you know the exact reason behind the same. 

Root causes of QuickBooks Error H303

Root causes can be described as the main reasons behind any particular error, and in this case, The primary root causes of QuickBooks Error H303 are as follows: 

  • As mentioned above, already corrupted.ND file can be one of the reasons behind the QuickBooks Error H303.
  • Windows defender and the firewall can also be one of the factors behind the error H303
  • A slow Network Connection can also help the QB Error H303 to occur.
  • Incorrect configuration of the Hosting Settings. 
  • The Company Files hosted by the Server and not by the software can also be the reason behind the error.

These are the root causes behind the QuickBooks Error H303, and the solution of this error has been detailedly explained in the next paragraph. Hence, please read the next particular section properly. 

How to fix the QuickBooks Error H303

To fix the QuickBooks Error H303, you need to follow the given solutions that are as follows:

Configure Firewall Settings: Like mentioned above in the root causes configuring the firewall settings can help you fix the QB Error H303 are as follows:

  • Open the Control Panel and tap on the Firewall settings.
  • Look for the option which is ‘Allow a program through firewall’ and hit it. 
  • Now look for the program and fill in the QuickBooks version in the exception list. 

By following these steps, you can easily configure the Firewall Settings and quickly fix the error. However, if this solution doesn’t work move on to the next given solution, which may help you fix the error. 

Changing the QuickBooks Folder location: Changing the QuickBooks Folder location that will help you resolve the QuickBooks Error H303. The steps to do that are as follows: 

  • Make a new folder on the server PC and then allow windows access permission. 
  • Now copy the folder named as .qbw file and move them to another folder according to your convenience. 
  • Try to access the same Company File from the other workstation. 

These solutions will certainly help you fix the QuickBooks Error H303. Restarting the software and the PC or the workstation that is facing this error is highly recommended.  You can also look for the update of your QuickBooks Desktop software, and if that is available, please ensure that you download and update your software to its latest version. Running a scan from one of the QuickBooks official Tools is QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub, and in case if that also doesn’t work, you must hire a QuickBooks Expert that is available at the QuickBooks Desktop Error Support

Winding Up

Winding it up QuickBooks is a useful software but an error occurring is a very normal thing in these kind of powerful accounting software. QuickBooks Error H303 is another widespread error because of a slow internet connection, one of the essential items. This Blog is created to help you fix the QuickBooks Error H303 and enlighten you about some other aspects. If you have read it till here, I hope it adds some value to your bank of information. 

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