QuickBooks Error PS101

The QuickBooks Desktop software has been at the forefront of the accounting software industry for more than the last 3 decades. The software has covered 85 percent of the US market share to date and may be used by almost any kind of business. The software was formerly known as Quicken, but it was subsequently renamed QuickBooks. Initially, the accounting software had some security flaws, but it is now almost faultless. The software’s biggest drawback is that it is prone to different errors and issues. One of the numerous errors that you might face while running the QuickBooks Desktop software is the QuickBooks Error PS101.

As mentioned that the QuickBooks accounting software users may face one of these errors from time to time. One of these errors can be the QuickBooks Error PS101. This indicates that the software’s settings are incorrect or misconfigured. In certain circumstances, resolving this error code might be challenging. When the software has trouble installing the payroll tax table update, the error message associated with this payroll error appears. This blog will provide you with further information about QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101, as well as the root causes and some manual solutions for the error, so please read the whole blog very attentively.

What is QuickBooks Error PS101?

The QuickBooks Error PS101 is a payroll error that you will face if you make certain manual modifications to the settings that misconfigure it, or if you are the victim of a malware assault. The following section focuses on the Root causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101, which will help you understand the error and will be useful if you decide to repair the error yourself using the manual solutions mentioned in the blog’s later sections.

The Root Cause Of QuickBooks Error PS101

The term “root causes” refers to the precise origin of any error that you’re experiencing, which might assist you in resolving the same. The following are the root causes of QuickBooks Error PS101:

  • Network issue: Network issues can be one of the reasons behind the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101 you can check by doing the basic things and if you are not able to do it yourself then talking to your ISP is highly recommended.
  • Internet settings wrongly configured: Check your internet configure settings like already mentioned in the previous point and hiring a specialist is highly recommended.
  • Third-party software: Please check if you’ve downloaded a software which is a third-party software cause that can bring malware to your system and that may lead you to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101.

These are some of the most common causes of QuickBooks Error PS101. Any error that occurs in the QuickBooks Desktop software may be addressed using manual solutions, which are briefly described in the next section, so do have a look.

How To Solve QuickBooks Error PS101?

To fix the QuickBooks Error PS101, you may use the QuickBooks Tool Hub or other software-related tools, but first read the solution listed below, which will undoubtedly assist you and save you time:

  • Solution 1: Run bat command: Running the bat command may help you to fix the QuickBooks Error PS101 and you can do it by using the steps given below:
    • At first, you need to close the QuickBooks Desktop software.
    • Go to the folder where the reboot.bat file is located and open it.
      • Right-click on the ‘QuickBooks’ icon and choose Properties. Select the “Properties” tab afterwards.
      • Select “Open File Location” from the drop-down menu.
    • Right-click the ‘reboot.bat’ file and run it. Select the ‘Run as Administrator’ icon later on. Please make sure that you execute the ‘reboot.bat’ program as a Windows Administrator.
      • The file may show as bat or reboot depending on your ‘Windows Folder Options settings.’
      • On the screen, there will command prompt windows with quickly scrolling file names. Do not manually shut the windows.
    • The windows will dismiss automatically after the reboot.bat file function has finished.

You may successfully be able to run the Run bat command by following these instructions, which may help resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101. You can also try some of the additional solutions listed below.

  • Solution 2: Repair internet connection settings: If you can’t send or receive an email, browse online, you’re probably not connected to your network and can’t access the internet. Here are several options for resolving the issue.
    • Ensure that Wi-Fi is switched on. Make sure Wi-Fi is switched on by selecting the “No internet connection” icon on the right side of the taskbar. If it isn’t already turned on, manually just turn it on.
    • On the Wi-Fi quick setting, go to Manage Wi-Fi connections and examine whether a Wi-Fi network you know and trust shows in the list of networks. If it does, choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to, and they will attempt to connect to it. If the network name reads Connected, choose Disconnect, wait a bit, and then pick Connect again.
    • Connect to a network that operates on a different frequency band. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are the two network frequency bands used by many consumer Wi-Fi routers. In the list of available Wi-Fi networks, they will display as different networks. Try joining the other network if your list of accessible Wi-Fi networks contains both a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz network. Check out Wi-Fi issues and your house layout to learn more about the variations between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.
    • Make sure your laptop’s actual Wi-Fi switch is switched on.
    • If you are experiencing issues with your network connections, you should run the Network Troubleshooter, which will assist you in resolving any internet connection issues if they are caused by you. If you are unable to repair the issue on your own, you should contact your service provider.

These are the steps to repair internet connection settings, which may assist you in resolving QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101. If this solution does not remove the error, you may try the following solution.

  • Solution 3: Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub: Running the QuickBooks Tool Hub can help you to fix the error and after downloading the tool from the official website of Intuit and after that you can run the tool by using the steps that are given below:
    • Go to the place where you saved the QuickBooks tools hub download.
    • Double-click the.exe file on the left.
    • A new window will pop up, inviting you to provide the needed authentication information to install the file.
    • Select the ‘Yes’ option.
    • The Quickbooks Tool Hub Installation Wizard will now appear in the installation window.
    • The terms and conditions will be shown in the first section of the window, which you must read to fully comprehend the use rules.
    • After you’ve gone through them, click the ‘Yes’ button to confirm your agreement.
    • The location where the tools hub is going to be installed will be specified in the following window. It will be installed by default on Local Drive C, but you may change the destination folder to anything you like.
    • After you’ve finished creating the folder, click the ‘Install’ option.
    • This will start the appropriate installation procedure.
    • Wait until the installation window closes and the operation is finished.
    • During the installation process, do not attempt to shut the window or do any other activities.
    • The installation time varies per user, and you must wait until the installation window indicates that the procedure is complete before proceeding.
    • Following the installation of the necessary files on your computer system, the final installation window will provide you with two alternatives. You either access the tools hub directly or cancel the installation window.
    • To close the window, choose the ‘Finish’ option.

You can run QuickBooks Tool Hub to Resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101 by following the aforementioned steps and applying them correctly. You can also apply another solution detailed below if you are still not able to fix it.

  • Solution 4: Exclude QuickBooks from the System’s Firewall: You may QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101 and if your Windows firewall prevents particular QuickBooks apps or files from accessing the internet. Don’t be concerned. The steps given below will help you how to set up your firewall and, if necessary, how to manually configure it:
    • You must first click on the Start Menu that has been provided in the windows.
    • Then, in the search box, type Windows Firewall and click on it to launch it.
    • After that, you’ll see an option called Advanced Options, which you should choose.
    • You must now go to inbound rules and choose the New Rule option from the drop-down menu.
    • Then, after tapping on the Next option, pick the port and double-check that TCP is chosen.
    • Please double-check that the ports you’ll require have the QuickBooks Year version of the local ports field shown below:
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2020: 8019, XXXXX.
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2019: 8019, XXXXX.
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382.
      • QuickBooks Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377.
    • Select Next once you’ve entered the port number.
    • After that, choose Allow Connection and then Next.
    • Make sure all profiles are marked if requested. Next should be selected.
    • Please make sure that you have made a Rule and Name by yourself indicating the year in the brackets.
    • Select Finish when you’re done with the whole process.

By following these steps you can exclude QuickBooks from the system’s firewall correctly and that may prove to be helpful to get rid of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101, you can also try some of the other solutions detailed below.

  • Solution 5: Perform a QuickBooks Re-installation using the Selective Startup Mode: Switch to Selective starting mode to ensure that no other software prevents you from finishing your activity. Consult your computer’s maker or a Windows specialist if you’re unsure about any of the procedures:
    • To launch the Run command, use Windows+R on your keyboard.
    • Select OK after typing MSConfig.
    • Select Selective startup and Load system services from the General tab.
    • Select Hide all Microsoft Services from the Services tab.
    • Disable all is the option to choose.
    • Uncheck the option labelled Hide all Microsoft services.
    • From the list of services, make sure the Windows Installer option is checked. Select the checkbox if it isn’t.
    • Choose OK.
    • Select Restart from the System Configuration box.
    • QuickBooks Desktop may be uninstalled or installed: Clean install QuickBooks Desktop after your computer has booted up:
      • Return to the default starting mode.
      • Reset your computer to its default settings after installing QuickBooks.
      • To launch the Run command, use Windows+R on your keyboard.
      • Select OK after typing MSConfig.
      • Select Normal Startup from the General tab.
      • Choose OK.
      • Select Restart from the System Configuration box.

These are some of the options that may help you fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101, but if you’re still having trouble, consider conducting a scan using the QuickBooks Tool Hub or QuickBooks File Doctor, both of which are Intuit-developed tools that may help you fix such a small issue and one of them is also given in the manual solutions above. You can download these tools for free from Intuit’s official website, and if you still can’t fix it, you should hire a professional. Ignoring these small errors can lead to QuickBooks Won’t Open issue, which can later become a major error for you to resolve, so please make sure that you fix every error that you encounter while using the QuickBooks Desktop software.


QuickBooks Desktop software can help you manage your company’s money, and it’s one of the few accounting systems that can also handle timely tax payments and payroll services. However, as previously indicated in this blog, the error is susceptible to a wide range of errors and issues, one of which being QuickBooks Error PS101.

This whole essay was written to aid you in fixing QuickBooks Error PS101, which is a small error that can be quickly repaired by utilizing some of the manual solutions provided above, so make sure you read and implement them if you are facing the same error. I hope you found my blog to be informative and that the time you spent reading it was worthwhile.

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