How do I track inventory in QuickBooks Online Plus?

How do I track inventory in QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online includes all of the tools you’ll need to keep track of your inventory. Keep track of what you have on hand, receive notifications when it’s time to refill and gain insight into what you buy and sell. Non-inventory products and services can also be entered so that they can be swiftly added to your sales forms. We’ll assist you in getting everything set up and running:

Step 1: Turn on inventory tracking: Turn on these settings if you haven’t already so you may add your stuff:

  • Select Account and Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Tap on sales.
  • In the Products and Services section, click Edit.
  • On sales forms, enable the Show Product/Service column option.
  • Track quantity and price/rate and track inventory quantity on hand should be enabled.
  • After that, select Save and then Done.

Step 2: Fill in the blanks with your inventory items: You may now enter your inventory and other products and services into QuickBooks. This allows you to add them to your sales forms as line items rapidly. The procedures for adding inventory, non-inventory, and service items vary slightly:

  • Add products to your inventory that you want to keep track of:
  • To add inventory items, follow the procedures below. You sell products that allow you to set and track product quantities.
  • Add things and services you buy or sell but don’t track as inventory to your list:
  • To add service items, follow the instructions below. These are the services you provide to your clients. Landscaping or bookkeeping services, for example.
  • To add non-inventory products, follow the procedures below. These are items you buy or sell but don’t register as inventory (or can’t). Nuts and bolts, for example, are commonly utilised in installations.
  • Make a bundle: Bundles allow you to combine various products or services into one package. For instance, a fruit, cheese, or wine gift basket. Adding products to a bundle eliminates the need to pick them individually in invoices or receipts.

Please note that QuickBooks does not maintain quantities for services, non-inventory products, or bundles.

Step 3: Keep a running tally of what sold: When you’ve set up all of your inventory products, you’ll be able to follow them as they trade. There are two methods for keeping track of what you sell:

  • If you expect to be paid later, create an invoice.
  • If your consumer paid cash on the spot, including a cash memo.

QuickBooks then subtracts the amount on the invoice or cash memo from what’s on hand.

  • As you work, keep an eye on what you have on hand and what you need to order: As you work on an invoice, cash memo, or another sort of transaction, keep track of what you have on hand and what you still need to order. To get more information, simply move your pointer over the quantity you entered for an item.

QuickBooks will also notify you when anything is running low if you specify reorder points. If you set a low stock alert, QuickBooks will notify you when anything is about to run out.

Please note that you need to go to the Sales menu, then the Products and Services page, to verify the number of all your products on hand. Alternatively, you can run reports to see what’s in stock at any given time.

Step 4: Restock your supply chain: When it’s time to refill, QuickBooks will alert you. QuickBooks allows you to order inventory directly from the programme. Then keep note of everything you get from vendors and what you still need to call. When you do, your inventory automatically grows by the number of items you receive.

Step 5: Check the status of your inventory through reports: Access reports to see your best sellers, inventory, cost of products, and more in real-time.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that has always been on  the top list of accounting software by various organisations and accountants. In this blog you will get to know more about the inventory method which is used by QuickBooks Desktop software and some othe aspects related to the same. I hope that this blog helps you and was worth your time.

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