QuickBooks error 6000 & How To Fix It

QuickBooks error 6000

If you are planning to use QuickBooks for your business, you already are aware of the great good benefits of it. The way it handles your online accounting, finance, and bookkeeping task easily without having to become a burden. With that, QuickBooks is accounting software that is widely accepted by small, medium, and large-scale businesses. The very good thing about it is, that it comes with advanced features, giving you a way to minimize workloads. 

It also tends to reduce your stress and make you enough space to do other core activities of business swiftly. Like any other software that you use, the error is a part of it and cannot be ignored! QuickBooks often can strike up with various errors and one very common is error 6000. Let’s go into detail with the error! 

QuickBooks error 6000

As soon as the user attempts to access the company file, that is the time they would instantly be 

popped up with Error 6000. This is one very challenging issue to occur while opening a company file. This error usually displays that ‘user is unable to access company file’. There are various series in 6000 error that is similar to it and can be disturbing you from accessing QuickBooks easily. When you notice such unusual errors, it is best to not panic but relax and realize that Intuit has provided us the good ways of handling such complications. 

QuickBooks 6000 Error Series

  1. -6176, 0: Firewall is blocking your connection to the two-computer using the software
  2. -6000, -1076: QuickBooks installation issues and corrupted 
  3. -6012, -1061 and -6000, -82: Improper network setup 
  4. -6190, -85: Any other use is logged in to the company file and is in a single user mode
  5. 6000, -832: This error pops because the hosting is turned off, and the.ND isn’t functioning rightly. 
  6. -6190, 1005 and -6189, 1005: When you access QuickBooks software or company file, you see the error pops up
  7. -6073, -816: Multiple computers are accessing the file or there is an issue in the firewall, blocking the connection.

The Signs and Symptoms you shouldn’t Ignore:

  • The user with these signs and symptoms can identify that they are caused trouble through this Error 6000
  • Error 6000 have been popped several times on your screen while using the software
  • The system gets crashed again and again with the Error message displaying on the screen
  • The window isn’t running properly and the response is extremely slow
  • You see mouse and keyboard inputs are very slow than usual
  • The system tends to freeze multiple times

How to Fix the Error?

Open QB file locally

  • Firstly, you should rename the.ND and.TLG files that are a part of your QuickBooks and gets installed along with the other files
  • Open the folder where your company file is stored
  • Look for the files with the name that has an extension.ND and.TLG
  • It will be somewhat like ‘company_file.qbw.tlg/nd)
  • Then right-click on each of the files, choose option rename and then type OLD at the end of each name 
  • Finally, open the QuickBooks and try to login to your company file, see if the error is fixed

Open Sample Company Name

  1. If the problem lies in the company file, open the sample for testing. If sample one doesn’t open and has the same error, this indicates that the problem is in the QB installation and it is damaged. 
  2. In the ‘No Company Open’ window, choose the option ‘open a sample file’ then press any of the forms from the list
  3. If the sample file opens it means the problem in the main company file is fixed

Copy the QB File on the Desktop

  1. Open the folder containing the company file
  2. Fins the file extension .QBW.
  3. The right clock on it and then select copy icon
  4. Go on the desktop right click and paste it
  5. Hold on to the control key, along with opening your QB, you will get directed to the ‘No company’ 
  6. Click open and then restore the existing company file

Restoring a Backup

  1. First, make sure you are not hosting
  2. Then open the company file, find the menu option and choose ‘Utilities’
  3. Later, click on the ‘Stop hosting Multi-user access’ option
  4. Then select the Yes tab in it, and then navigate to the company file, click on ‘Yes’ again

These steps will ensure you have a better way of handling your Error 6000 issues. Any of the above methods can help you get rid of the error. But it is important to not miss a single step that is directed above, as it will trouble you later. Make sure all the steps are followed only then can you see the results. 


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