What is the best integration app for QuickBooks and salesforce

best integration app for QuickBooks and salesforce

Customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management are the conventional way to concentrate on business matters and drive outcomes, from small, self-managed businesses to medium-sized businesses and global corporations. But, with so many CRM software choices available, how do you decide? Salesforce is the number one CRM for companies of all sizes, according to CRM software review pages. Integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce allows you maximum insight into the business’s activities and areas for growth.

Customer records, purchase orders, expenses, and invoicing are all shared between sales and accounting using accounting software and CRM. QuickBooks integration eliminates duplicate data entry, improves efficiency, and offers more information for better forecasting.

Integrate CRM with QuickBooks and other accounting software

QuickBooks and Salesforce are easily integrated, allowing for fast synchronisation of Accounts, Goods, Opportunity Closed to Customer, Jobs, Products, Invoice, Forecast, or Sales Order in QuickBooks. You can share your financial details with your sales team by integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce. Not only will you be able to see customer statistics, but you’ll also be able to monitor costs, generate customer reports, and gain insights to help you forecast better.

Integrating with DBSync: Are you tired of reconciling between QuickBooks Opportunity and Invoices? DBSync for Salesforce & QuickBooks is a simple application that allows you to synchronise Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Products, and Opportunities with QuickBooks Desktop Customer, Jobs, Products, Invoices, Estimates, and SalesOrders.

To better handle your customers, monitor Cash to Close and AR analytics.

The framework comes with a pre-built field map as well as advanced mapping and configuration capabilities. You would never have to manually upgrade your application because it has an automated online update. Integrate topics like timesheet and expense integration, A/R, A/P, and more beyond standard Items. DBSync is available in three versions: Standard (free trial), Pro, and Enterprise, all of which are priced to meet users’ needs and specifications.

Integrating with Workato: The most dependable and straightforward method for syncing all of your data between QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. Workato can manage multi-step flows and all custom areas, allowing you to solve even the most difficult QuickBooks Online integrations. Workato’s integrations help you keep track of your records in real-time. Workato is a business-class integration and automation tool used by over 21,000 companies. Easily connect Salesforce and QuickBooks Online using bi-directional sync that needs no coding. In Workato, a recipe is a single integration, such as a new item in QuickBooks Online to a Salesforce product. Recipes are solid cross-platform integrations.

Workato: Advanced QuickBooks Integrations provides multiple recipes (and more) for connecting the two apps, enabling you to customise or make your own using Workato’s powerful integration service.

  • Log in with your Salesforce credentials by clicking “Get It Now.”
  • If you don’t already have one, build one.
  • Follow the prompts to connect your Salesforce and QuickBooks Online applications.
  • Go to ‘My Recipes’ to find your Workato: Advanced QuickBooks Integration recipes.
  • To run the recipe, press the ‘Start’ button.

If you have any other integration criteria, please contact us; we’ll be happy to help you get started with the integration you want.

QuickBooks Integration with Salesforce – Breadwinner for QuickBooks: Breadwinner for QuickBooks is a powerful two-way integration tool that connects Salesforce and QuickBooks quickly and easily (Desktop, Enterprise, and Online). Using Breadwinner’s intuitive and versatile integration, you can get real-time access to critical data.

QuickBooks Laptop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Enterprise are all supported. By streamlining processes and operating in real-time, Breadwinner’s trusted Salesforce, and QuickBooks integration solution helps companies to function more efficiently. Breadwinner’s controlled kit, which is based on Force.com, is simple to set up and customise.

Critical features of Breadwinner: – Create invoices from Account, Opportunity, Order, and Custom Objects: 

  • Line item pre-population is performed automatically.
  • Monitoring the status of invoices (i.e. paid, overdue, due)
  • Various accounting organisations or currencies are supported.
  • Protects the accounting system – Accounts Payable support via invoice development and tracking – Accounts Receivable permission via bill and PO creation and tracking
  • Ready for Salesforce Lightning and Mobile – Address and product sync

Integration with Autofy: Autofy combines QuickBooks Desktop and Online with your Salesforce for fast syncing. Just connect your apps, set up a workflow, change mapping as required, and set it to run. Full assistance is included! Sign up for a free account and sync in minutes. Your small business is integrated with Autofy. Here’s an example of what Autofy will help you with:

  • Requests, Invoices, Forecasts, and Receipts sync to QuickBooks as Orders, Invoices, Estimates, or Receipts.
  • Customers and products sync in all directions between QuickBooks and Salesforce QuickBooks invoice information sync to Salesforce QuickBooks’ Opportunities.
  • Payments update the open balance sum in Opportunities.
  • The Status Center displays the current status of each record.


To conclude, QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the finances and the accounting of a particular organisation. Integrating with any other software will also help you manage the same in a more different, better and accurate way. I hope that this blog helped you and was worth your time.


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