quickbooks error 80070057

How to Fix Error 80070057 Incorrect parameter in QuickBooks

In this article, you would learn about QuickBooks Error code 80070057, Users encounter this error when He or She tries to open QuickBooks Company File. If you are the Use come across an error 80070057 in QuickBooks, Don’t worry we are here to help.

Follow these steps to get rid of this error. Sometimes this is caused by Human error or maybe an issue with the software. To avoid this or to fix it follow these steps:

QuickBooks Error 80070057

Step 1: Maybe you aren’t opening the QuickBooks Company file in the correct manner, You can avoid most of the errors including this If you open the company files correctly.

  • Open and Run QuickBooks normally. 
  • Choose the company file from no company file open screen.
  • And Open company file. 

If the file is located on a Remote computer follow these steps to open it:

  • Map hosting computer or if you are using a server to host company files to each and every workstation of yours as a network drive.
  • Enable QuickBooks in multi-user hosting and enable folder sharing from the windows.
  • Install and Download QuickBooks dataBase server Manager and configure it for multi-user access.
  • Open QuickBooks Go into the file from the main menu and choose an option to Switch to Multi-user mode.
  • Setup users from going to the company and add users as per your licenses. 
  • Enable network discovery on your host computer and disable the password protection sharing. So each time when you log in to the company file it won’t ask you for user name and password.
  • Once it’s done locate and open the Company file.

Step 2: Make User QuickBooks is updated. 

  • Turn on QuickBooks Updates to automatic, Go to Help from the main menu and choose Update QuickBooks.
  • After that select the Options tab and choose yes to enable automatic updates. 
  • Or you can choose to download the update directly from the Official QuickBooks website.

Step 3: Open QuickBooks as an administrator just to make sure you have permissions. 

  • Exit from the QuickBooks. 
  • Do a right-click on QuickBooks Desktop Icon. 
  • Choose to Run as an administrator and Open company file.

Step 4: Maybe you have this error because your company file isn’t located in the default location. 

  • Exit out of QuickBooks. 
  • Locate the company file and copy the file with .QBW extension. 
  • Now go to the default location of QuickBooks Company file, which is : C:/Users/Public/PublicDocuments/Intuit/QuickBooks version/CompanyFiles.
  • Once you are done Open QuickBooks. 
  • Open Company file and check if you have this error or not. 
  • If the error continues check file sharing is enabled. 

Step 5: Run QuickBooks file doctor this tool can help you to resolve lots of common errors on the QuickBooks application.

Step 6: This step to resolve QuickBooks Error 800070057 in manul way. 

.ND file is responsible for QuickBooks application company file network connection by renaming this file could resolve this issue as well.

  • Locate the company file by navigating to QuickBooks Company file default location. 
  • Find a file Extension.ND and right-click on it, Choose to rename.
  • Mansion .old at the end of this file. For example, company file.qbw.nd.old.

If you are using QuickBooks Multi-user in this case run QuickBooks DataBase server manager.

  • Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub latest version. 
  • Choose network option in tool hub. 
  • Choose Database server manager and if it’s installed already. 
  • Scan the folder where your company file is located. 
  • Once the scan is finished close it and Open QuickBooks company file.
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