How to Get Rid of Ads in QuickBooks Desktop

turn off ads in quickbooks online

Many times, it does happen that when you are working on QuickBooks to get your work done quickly, you got some distraction from your work because of the unwanted ads and you want to turn off ads in quickbooks online.

Such advertisements are generally related to the advertisements of third-party products or services promotion and marketing to reach the mass to draw and the attention of the customers.

These kinds of advertisements are found generally have nothing to do with QuickBooks but make users irritated and frustrated. Such ads should be blocked permanently. However, sometimes such QuickBooks ads enrich your QuickBooks experience by displaying new QuickBooks features that QuickBooks launches from time to time.

If you are one of those who got stuck with such ads and are looking for some ways to get rid of such ads. Then, in this article, we have first discussed why such ads are annoying. We also have discussed the various ways to turn off ads in quickbooks online.

Why is advertising so annoying?

Digital Advertisements are always been an integral part of promotions plans and marketing strategies. The purpose of such ads is to attract more and more visitors to their website through the link given and earn more by increasing the number of followers. Such online ads can also be useful sometimes for useful content and information for the customers.

But 97% of customers have reported that the ads are annoying and make them frustrated. Bad Targeting audience, distraction, irrelevant content, and information, frequent advertisement without any option to close, size and length of ads, placement on the website are some of the common reasons that make users annoying and frustrated from the ads.

It also affects the performance of the system and thus sometimes causes the loss of valuable data stored on the computer. In this article, wear discussing below some of the effects that users experience in general.

You can easily turn off ads on quickbooks desktop with this guide.

Ads are intrusive and annoying

Think of an instance, you are visiting the QuickBooks website to get your work done quickly, but at the same time, you are continuously getting advertisements related to baby clothing.

Due to this, you got distracted from your work and immediately shift your focus from accounting to baby clothing and also want to remove ads in quickbooks desktop.

However, you were supposed to meet the deadline and finish the work. But you lost your precious time in surfing for the irrelevant product that was not the need of time.

If you have come across such types of the situation while you are working on some important task and got distracted due to such ads.

It will make you annoy and intrusive. Such online ads are always unwelcome and uninvited and should be blocked permanently.

Disruptive advertising is a problem

It is a way to create trouble and stopped QuickBooks to function normally at the users’ end. It affects the performance of the computer and causing it to work slowly. Hence, online digital ads are disruptive in nature and hamper the users to work without distraction. Many times, it disrupts the valuable content stored in the computer.

For example, once Mr. Bajaj was doing accounting work to process the payroll in the month-end to immediately release the payment once the next month starts. But while he was doing his work, there comes an unwanted online ad of some third-party application that was continuously appearing on the screen with the message of integrate with us and download now.

his message was so annoying that it created disruption in their normal working. It makes their computer perform slow that their entire valuable time had been wasted.

Page load time are affected by ads

This is also one of the annoying things that make users more frustrated so you should turn off advertisements on quickbooks. Once you start getting useless advertisements on board, it starts taking time to load in saving the files, opening and creating the new ones.

Hence, it is better to get rid of such advertisements at the cost of paying fewer monthly subscriptions. It is always better to take precautions because undesirable links on the ads can cause harm to the precious data available on your computer.

Increased load time and bandwidth usage don’t allow you to work flawlessly. It distracts you from becoming more productive and shifts your focus from important to useless.

Ads are a source of concern for security

Yes, safety is the most important concern for any small business to go in the long run. However, small entrepreneurs started with small investments and capital and if that capital got hacked with just a click of such untrustworthy ads can cause a lot more than the money invested. Turn off ads in quickbooks online is big problem these days but you can resolve it.

One must take all safety measures whether it is a paid subscription or turn off Product and service pop-up, whether it is readjusting marketing preferences or readjust your internet settings. These untrustworthy advertisement links can cause heavy damage to your computer and can let the virus enter your computer.

When your computer freezes

An annoying advertisement that came frequently on the main screen of the computer causes your system to freeze. By freeze, here we mean that hanging of computer. It makes the computer performance very slow that it became unable to upload files and folders. In that case, your computer is at risk and missing theQBUSER.INI File.

All the running files and folders got corrupted. With its effect, you have to either close the running programs or shut down the device.

This problem will not get resolve by doing this one time, but you have to perform this task of restarting and re-shutting the system many times that make you more annoying and frustrated. Such annoying advertisements will make your computer completely freeze.

How to turn off ads in quickbooks

Advertisements in QuickBooks are designed to customize users’ experience of QuickBooks Online, but they sometimes are very distracting. It is very well said, “where there is a problem, there is a solution”.

 If you are getting problems with annoying advertisements while using QuickBooks Version, then you must adopt Turn Off Advertising on QuickBooks solutions available in the market.

It is also very well said, “where there is a will, there is a way”. So, if you have decided to get rid of these annoying ads, it is definitely for you to get some effective methods by which you completely get rid of such ads. By adopting below mentioned ways, you will no longer be facing the issue of annoying ads.

Consider purchasing a paid subscription

To turn off ads in quickbooks online you need to buy a paid subscription. Once you buy the QuickBooks Subscription and become a paid member of QuickBooks Online. You automatically start receiving many benefits which you might not get without a subscription. Subscription offers many exclusive services like community membership, latest updates, no more annoying advertisements, etc.

The subscription amount for QuickBooks Online is very cost-effective even for all its different versions. You may check it out the prices of subscription on the companies’ website. You can also contact QuickBooks Customer Support Desk to turn off ads in quickbooks online query or clarification.

Pop-ups can be disabled by clicking “Off”

To turn off ads in quickbooks desktop you should turn off service pop-up also. Whenever you start QuickBooks, there comes an ad that Pops up every time you open QuickBooks. It makes users annoying and affects the normal working on QuickBooks. Users have to click on symbols and move forward by clicking on to No Thanks option.

But this is not a permanent solution to get rid of such advertisements Pop up messages. As it causes the computer to hang and freeze.

Forcefully, you need to reboot your system every time. But this course of action is somehow a troubled one that makes you annoying. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve it permanently.

  • You should select the preferences by navigating to the Edit Option from your company file.
  • You must access the My Preferences tab by taping the General Menu on the left panel of the screen.
  • You should now click on Turn Off Pop Up Messages for Products and Services.
  • Now click on to Ok, once you are done with the above steps.
  • You must now restart the computer to let the changes apply.

If you are still getting annoying ads on your screen, then try this next method.

Your Marketing Preferences Can Be Changed

There is an urgent need to Turn Off Advertising on QuickBooks that hampers the productivity of your business. These ads should be removed immediately by readjusting the marketing preferences on your computer. Below are some easy steps that you can follow to turn off ads in quickbooks online Preferences.

  1. You should navigate on to the Gear Icon.
  2. You should choose account and settings under the menu of your company.
  3. You should select the company.
  4. You should choose Marketing Preferences from the communication with Intuit Section.
  5. Now you can modify and readjust the marketing Preferences.

Internet Preferences

If you want to get a seamless experience while working on QuickBooks with no more annoying ads, you must ensure that settings on internet explorer are correct. You must reconfigure the settings of Internet Explorer in the preferences window.

Below are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow:

  1. You must first openInternet Explorer.
  2. You should now select the Tools from the Command Bar.
  3. You should click the Security tab by choosing Internet Options.
  4. You should now select the trustworthy sites and mark the sites
  5. You should select Add after typing in the Add this website to the zone.
  6. You must uncheck require server verification from the window of trusted sites.
  7. You must uncheck Enable Protected Mode
  8. You can now close the browser.


We hope by now, you must have understood why it is important for you how to get rid of ads in quickbooks desktop. We have discussed above the various ways to turn off annoying ads. However, all ads are not annoying some are designed to customize your experience with QuickBooks products and services.

Also, they help with the information on the latest updates of the QuickBooks release. But those that are annoying, disruptive, and affect the load time and bandwidth usage should be removed immediately otherwise could cause a freeze to your computer and leads to your precious data at high risk.

You must adopt the various ways mentioned above or you can reach our support team at our customer care number.

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